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EU History 67 - Black Wednesday, 1992 - the end of the ERM

Ultimately, Britain had to withdraw from the ERM. If it didn’t, the alternatives included continuing to beg the Germans to act against their national interests economically or having to raise interest rates itself during a recession. 1,246 more words


EU History 66 - The problems facing the UK from the minute it joined the ERM

From the moment the UK joined the ERM it faced two problems: German reunification was inflationary, requiring borrowing to fund it, raising interest rates that the UK had to follow in the midst of a recession. 699 more words


Doppelgängers #12

Tit-anic of the waves

Chancer, la of the Multiplexer


Taxbriefs Chancellors – 5 Norman Lamont 1990-93

Norman Lamont took over as Chancellor in November 1990 under John Major’s premiership. His term as Chancellor was dominated by the fallout from the ‘Lawson boom’: when he entered office inflation was running at over 10%, base rate was 14% and a recession was underway. 582 more words

16th September 1992. Black Wednesday.

Tory Prime-Minister, John Major had said ‘It’ll be an interesting day’, reminds me of a time when Bank Rate had risen to 15%: in 2015 it is 0.5%. 442 more words


All the Time in Heaven: a (very brief) album review

I should, like all moral reviewers, start by declaring any interests. Norman Lamont has been on the bill of both gigs I’ve ever organised, namely Dylan Uncovered and Cry of the Cave People. 386 more words