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16th September 1992. Black Wednesday.

Tory Prime-Minister, John Major had said ‘It’ll be an interesting day’, reminds me of a time when Bank Rate had risen to 15%: in 2015 it is 0.5%. 442 more words


Poor Law Tories

Yesterday Gideon Osborne the chancellor of the ruling Conservative party in Britain revealed to the country his budget proposals. Although on the surface, the intention to phase-in a £9 an hour living (minimum) wage by 2020 sounds progressive, the real intention was to hoodwink the public into thinking this announcement somehow counteracted the effect on the poor resulting from the abolition of working tax credits and the limiting of welfare payments to a maximum of £23,000 per household. 710 more words

All the Time in Heaven: a (very brief) album review

I should, like all moral reviewers, start by declaring any interests. Norman Lamont has been on the bill of both gigs I’ve ever organised, namely Dylan Uncovered and Cry of the Cave People. 386 more words


Songwriters on Songwriting: Norman Lamont

For the first of a short series on songwriters in the Edinburgh area, here’s an interview with Norman Lamont. First up, here’s how he introduces himself: 739 more words

Fairy dust the magic ingredient that makes for successful policy making


fairy dust – Fairies Photo (17694885) – Fanpohttp://www.fanpop.com

Economics is a subject that is never related to the childhood world of fairy tales, yet Tinkerbell* and her magic dust is a useful concept to use in economic analysis. 1,136 more words

Re-engaging with Iran

It is 35 years since the Iranian Revolution and the US hostage crisis, yet the rhetoric between Tehran and the “Great Satan” America hardly seems to have varied during that time. 296 more words

Jeremy Corbyn

Black Wednesday -Conspiracy or Coincidence?

is it coincidence theory or conspiracy theory?
black wednesday 1992

UK taxpayers lost billions as john majors government tried to prop up sterling
in the ERM exchange rate mechanism- britain lost billions buying sterling even though experts say they could have made profit by buying foreign currency instead… 202 more words