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Rollo, first Count of Rouen: A saga of sorts

‘This Hrolf was so big that no horse could carry him, which is why he was given the name Göngu-Hrolf. The earls of Rouen and the kings of England are descended from him.’  7,540 more words

The Challenges of Renting a Car in France

Renting a car in a foreign country strikes up fear in a lot of people’s hearts. Before our most recent trip to France, whenever I would gleefully describe my 2-week plan to others – which included renting a car during the first week and driving through the Loire Valley to the Normandy region – the person I was talking to would inevitably frown at me with disapproval in their eyes, and ask the following three questions: 1,576 more words


How do you solve a problem like Rollo?

For this post I thought I would do something a little different: examine just a few of the issues surrounding three of the sources you will come across if you do any amount of digging into the Norman past, and why despite the prolific amount written about him, we can say nearly nothing about Rollo with much certainty at all. 1,923 more words

What I Am Working On: Creating a Watermark, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my journey into the world of creating a watermark in Luminar 3. Part 1 is here. The shot I am using for this post was taken at  225 more words


Macron Hopes Talk Will Calm France, but an Air of Menace Prevails

After weeks of national turmoil spurred by the Yellow Vest protests, President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday kicked off what he intended as a peacemaking exercise, and what the French government billed as the “Great National Debate.” 648 more words

http://bit.ly/2TRfXc9 January 15, 2019 GRAND-BOURGTHEROULDE, France (Reuters) – France’s Emmanuel Macron began a national debate on Tuesday meant to calm protests against high living costs, but he may have started on the wrong foot by suggesting some poor people were “screwing” with the system.

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Macron sparks new outrage with comments launching 'national debate' -- Said some of those struggling economically were just “screwing up”

President Emmanuel Macron’s hopes to quell the economic anger of Yellow Vest protesters by announcing a national debate ran aground on Tuesday when he sparked new outrage by saying some of those struggling economically were just “screwing up”. 1,053 more words