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Short critical summary of Peter Singer's 'Famine, Affluence and Poverty'

500 word critical summary of Singer’s ‘Famine, Affluence and Morality’

Singer argues that his “principle takes, firstly, no account of proximity or distance”  and suggest that while there is clearly a physiological difference in regards to the child in the pond right next to us and an Bengali child thousands of miles away, this cannot be turned into less of a moral obligation. 385 more words


Once Upon A Time + LGBTQ relationship that is way overdue

I am a HUGE Once Upon A Time (OUAT) fan, mainly because I love fairy-tales. This show not only has fairy-tales but it likes to give them a modern twist and merge these tales in way I have never seen before.   322 more words



The current alarm on climate change is fuelled by a claimed unanimity of simulation models. The proponents – or maybe a better description would be adherents – of alarming climate change, assert that their “science” is settled. 1,062 more words


The Price of Life

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) is the independent organisation trusted by the government to decide on which medical treatments should be made available to patients through the NHS. 53 more words

Y12 Microeconomics

Are There Moral Imperatives: A Response to Philippa Foot

Either it is possible to create reasons for acting simply by putting together any silly rules and introducing a non-hypothetical ‘should’, or else the non-hypothetical ‘should’ does not necessarily imply reasons for acting.

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Inappropriate:  v. to add to and/or to subtract from a subset(s) a different subset(s) and not being normative and/or subjectively acceptable for the circumstances which sometimes also involves disobeying etiquette and/or an organizational rule(s) 126 more words

Common Sense

The X-Files - Arcadia (Review)

This July, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the sixth season of The X-Files and the third (and final) season of Millennium… 5,697 more words

The X-Files