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Critical social theory and the challenge of neoliberalism

by Roger Foster Capital & Class November 2016

My article offers a sustained critique of the idea of critical social theory presented by Axel Honneth in… 10,472 more words


M0Я3 Anarky

I am still reading, having just finished chapter 5 of Nozick‘s Anarchy, State, and Utopia, and I am still concerned that he invokes… 40 more words

Show 'n' tell

Okay…I made some changes as I said I would during the weekend…the problem is that I forgot to show the changes to my partner, but I thought it would be ok, since what I have changed is not really central in our concept, namely the background. 436 more words

Module 1

Micro, Macro, and the Minimum Wage

Economists disagree. It’s so common that there are jokes about.  For example,

If all of the economists in the world were laid end-to-end they would scarcely reach a conclusion.

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Women's Month

Creative Vox Pops: How have normative gender roles influenced you?

Psychology student, Manale Makuse, 23, looks at mannequins in a Refinery shop window, noting the differences in mainstream fashion and his own personal style. 535 more words


Urban Development Policy and Planning in Asia – A Rights-Centric Approach to the SDGs

Based on the reading:

Langford, M. (2010). A poverty of rights: six ways to fix the MDGs. IDS bulletin, 41(1), 83-91.

In this paper, Langford described the inadequacy of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and suggested ways in which a refocus on, and a normative framework based on, human rights could, in his words, “fix the MDGs.” Before I reflect on the substance of his writing, I wish to express how heartened I am that Langford, and presumably others like him, have chosen to work with the enterprise of the MDGs instead of abandoning it all together. 532 more words

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