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Today has been our Buckinghens! Our combination hen’s and buck’s night, free from gender boundaries, penis straws, and strippers.

I presume I’m enjoying it right now! 26 more words


I am a 'trained-extroverted' introvert - SURPRISE!

If I said, my mind is in an overdrive, you won’t understand what MY mind being in an overdrive really means.

I am a ‘trained extroverted’ introvert. 1,321 more words



Conformity happens to people almost everyday.It is how you act to ‘fit in’. The simple definition for conformity is ‘yielding to group pressures’. There are four types of conformity; compliance, internalisation, identification and Ingratiational. 633 more words


Conformity is when people adhere to the attitudes, beliefs, values and the behavior of their in-group having been exposed to them. In other words, conformity is where people change their perspective of normative standards to that of society’s norms. 507 more words


Pseudepigrapha Saturday: Pseudo-Hecataeus


Pseudo-Hecataeus (henceforth Ps-Hec) is based on historian Hecataeus of Abdera from 300 BCE. Multiple fragments attest to different Ps-Hec. Unfortunately, fragments are only available via Josephus, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and the Letter of Aristeas. 592 more words

Hebrew Bible

Dani Rodrik and the ’empirical turn’ in economics (VII) 

In Economics Rules, Dani Rodrik maintains that ‘imaginative empirical methods’ — such as game theoretical applications, natural experiments, field experiments, lab experiments, RCTs — can help us to answer questions conerning the external validity of economic models. 778 more words