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Musings on John 3:2

The account of Nicodemus’ nocturnal visit to the Lord Jesus and the ensuing discourse is fascinating, to say the least. Nicodemus starts by saluting Jesus using a normative greeting reserved for individuals with ecclesiastical eminence: “Rabbi,” he calls him, which means master of the Torah. 470 more words

Problems with normative/descriptive claims about law; vol. 1

A basic distinction in legal scholarship lies between descriptive claims (what is the law?) and normative claims (what should be the law?). In this post I argue that one can easily fall into the trap of making one instead of another, due to: 1) law’s normative character; 2) law’s hierarchical (or heterarchical) structure; and 3) often argumentative style of legal reasoning. 813 more words

Legal Theory

Léopold Lambert re: Walls and "power relation"

To wit –

Bodies do not simply find themselves within the spatial technology embodied by the corridor; their very presence is the result of a system whose political degree can vary from almost innocuous to the most explicit forms of racism. 65 more words

Built Environment

You can’t watch The Walking Dead and ever expect any animal to live, ever. Seriously? If there’s ever an episode with a dog, I will not watch it. 434 more words

Does the Is-Ought Divide Make Atrocities More Palatable?

Those who might object to the incendiary title of this post need to stop being such mood affiliators. I’m merely asking a positive question, quit being so normative about it! 3,142 more words


The First Non-White Modeling Agency in the World

A couple months ago The Guardian released an article about Lorde. No, not the singer; but, it is spelled the same way.

Lorde is the first non-white modeling agency in the world. 475 more words


An Excellent Essay

An excellent essay at The Imaginative Conservative by Barbara Elliot..

I have had one small problem when classifying my political/social thoughts. It is hard for me to call myself a “conservative”, inasmuch as those ideals you invoke are what I grew up thinking were the default, the “normal” position for any citizen. 57 more words

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