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The Great Normative Family

The Great Normative Family

I love you, you love me.
We’re a happy family.
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you…

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Social And Political Thinking

Recollection V: The Train

A thick veil of oblivion. Everything had been covered in a thick veil of oblivion. I sat for long at the subway staring the trains as they come and go, observing people, the way they move, how they talk, how they hold hands gently, slyly. 678 more words

Policy in 500 Words: if the policy cycle does not exist, what do we do?

It is easy to reject the empirical value of the policy cycle, but difficult to replace it as a practical tool. I identify the implications for students, policymakers, and the actors seeking influence in the policy process… 520 more words

Public Policy

Holocaust Day in Israel

Moments after a two-minute siren in memory of 6,000,000 stories, hopes, ashes, and smoke, it occurs to me that there are two paramount questions of our time that have yet to be adequately answered in the last 70 years and are unlikely to be adequately answered in the next 70 years: 145 more words

Essays, Dilemmas, & Philosophy


Today has been our Buckinghens! Our combination hen’s and buck’s night, free from gender boundaries, penis straws, and strippers.

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I am a 'trained-extroverted' introvert - SURPRISE!

If I said, my mind is in an overdrive, you won’t understand what MY mind being in an overdrive really means.

I am a ‘trained extroverted’ introvert. 1,321 more words

Being Myself


Conformity happens to people almost everyday.It is how you act to ‘fit in’. The simple definition for conformity is ‘yielding to group pressures’. There are four types of conformity; compliance, internalisation, identification and Ingratiational. 633 more words