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Normative morality definition

1. Striving to eliminate suffering without causing permanent stupefaction
2. A way of thinking and conduct resulting from understanding of suffering caused by necessity and the pursuit of its elimination… 94 more words

Kant's categorical imperative

Kant’s three significant formulations of the categorical imperative are:

  • Act only according to that maxim by which you can also will that it would become a universal law.
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Morality redefinition

Commonly so called “schizophrenia of humanity” is no less serious than mine.

All vulgarisms or colloquialisms used in the text are intended to give the appropriate impression. 1,416 more words

Regulative, Normative, and the Worship of King Jesus

written by David Chow

Martin Luther is famously known for starting the Protestant Reformation by confronting the Roman Catholic Church’s abuse of their indulgence system. In this system, a person could effectively purchase partial or even complete remission of temporal punishment. 1,103 more words


On the Origins of Scripture

One way to categorize how Christians in antiquity, especially the 1st-3rd centuries CE, understood the idea of a Bible is through three categories: normative, authoritative, and Scriptural. 367 more words

General Musings

Critical social theory and the challenge of neoliberalism

by Roger Foster Capital & Class November 2016

My article offers a sustained critique of the idea of critical social theory presented by Axel Honneth in… 10,472 more words