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The X-Files - Arcadia (Review)

This July, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the sixth season of The X-Files and the third (and final) season of Millennium… 5,697 more words

The X-Files

Embarrased to be a Romantic

People generally know I read a lot. It isn’t hard to guess. I have an MA in Literature, I carry a book or a kindle around with me everywhere I go, and my bookshelves at home are filled to the brim! 851 more words


The Ocean, the Boat, and the Wind: Part Two - Other and Self

Let us remember that heterosexuality which seeks to differentiate itself from homosexuality by imposing boundaries between it and the homosexual-other is heteronormativity. Now, let us explore in greater detail the contents of this ocean. 516 more words


Things I Like -- Natural Hair

The trend for silvery locks, and my own graceful decent into gray, have only reinforced what I’ve always known: natural hair = best.

There’s a long tradition of normalising flowing Anglo hair-types; of color defining social standing or intelligence; of stigmatising the wiriness of erratic grays as a lack of vitality inside, too. 73 more words

Things I Like

Doing and un-doing of an Idealist

‘Dream on, dream on O’ young one,

Dream on..’

Her words trailed into the silence and oblivion of that summer night. Unintentionally, she planted a seed in my young heart. 520 more words

Today Feels hollow (Caution; expletives)

Today feels…
It actually feels empty. It feels like there’s something missing, like something is just…not there, or out of place. I’ve gone through my normal routine, but it just feels broken. 544 more words


Logical Gal - 'But it's in the Bible!'

A discussion I overheard reminded me of a useful distinction, that of what is normative versus what is descriptive.  The term normative contains the concept of norms or prescribed ways of doing things.   383 more words