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Through the looking glass, reaching to the master

Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thiên © 2016

When Noro Masamichi entered Ueshiba Morihei sensei’s dojo, he was a young medical student. This was a new world to him.

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My yarny news :)

I thought I’d write a brief update about all the recent ‘yarny stuff’ in my life – and the photo above sums it all up :) 580 more words


Knitting, crochet and colours!

Can there be anything better for a beginner knitter with crochet skills and colour fixation  than a project covering it all? You are right, probably not ;) That’s why my latest project, baktus scarf, has been such a joy! 424 more words


My spring stash

After a busy week abroad I came back home, and as I knew it would – my new yarn arrived. Feels like Christmas! These yarns were actually my delayed Birthday and New Year’s gift to myself – and I simply love them :) 522 more words


My First Sweater: A Look Back

See that person up there?  Yup, that’s me, modeling the first sweater that I ever knit.  I wore it yesterday, actually, on the recommendation of someone said that I should. 345 more words


Gilmore Girls Knitting

Knitting a hat with Noro with no particular pattern in mind.

Throwing caution to the wind.


Camping Gloves

When I wrote about going camping last weekend I mentioned that I brought some knitting with me. Next time I should remember to start a project more than an hour before I want to use it. 71 more words