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Who can resist?

So I haven’t been posting regularly because I am up and running which has only made my life busier than ever. But who can resist starting a new project, especially with Noro yarn. 26 more words


Through the looking glass, reaching to the master

Photography by Nguyen Thanh Thiên © 2016

When Noro Masamichi entered Ueshiba Morihei sensei’s dojo, he was a young medical student. This was a new world to him.

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My yarny news :)

I thought I’d write a brief update about all the recent ‘yarny stuff’ in my life – and the photo above sums it all up :) 580 more words


Knitting, crochet and colours!

Can there be anything better for a beginner knitter with crochet skills and colour fixation  than a project covering it all? You are right, probably not ;) That’s why my latest project, baktus scarf, has been such a joy! 424 more words


My spring stash

After a busy week abroad I came back home, and as I knew it would – my new yarn arrived. Feels like Christmas! These yarns were actually my delayed Birthday and New Year’s gift to myself – and I simply love them :) 522 more words


We Are Fearless: Emetophobia, Norovirus & Me

By Matt Day
Research Microbiologist specializing in Caliciviruses
#Fearless Family

I was seven years old when I contracted my first ever Norovirus. It came from the mother of a family friend and I contracted it from touching contaminated surfaces around her house; without a care in the world for hygiene or the potential consequences. 1,296 more words


The Holidays Are Here Again...and so is the Norovirus

This is literally my favorite time of year for two reasons: Christmas Day and Christmas music. Sure, Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday, but my track record with Thanksgivings aren’t the best. 1,263 more words