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Life Onshore Norrköping

After almost 12 weeks of working my ass onboard I finally got the liberty to go ashore. Just in time to celebrate my blog’s reaching the 150k hits. 823 more words

Nino Almendra

Samhället ställer upp

Det är hyvens människor i Norrköping, som ställer upp när en handikappad är i nöd. I dagens NT kan vi läsa om hur samhället ställer upp för en rullstolsbunden man, vars rullstolsramp gått sönder. 73 more words


Tonsillectomies are not just routine operations anymore

Sorry for the hiatus, but I am finally feeling better now. I have returned to my normal activities-ish. I now only have a plaster over the surgery site and wear a wrist splint every now and then. 542 more words


Rain run.

I was tired all day today and really forced my way out to run. It became about 6,5 km.

Weather? No, let’s really not talk about it. 135 more words


Running experience on a sunny evening

In the evenings I usually manage to run longer than on a morning. So today it were just above 12k on the “running clock”. Spontaneously as well, since I planned to “only” run 10k. 335 more words


Long round becomes a morning round

Interesting development that a former long weekend round of just above 5k nowadays is a normal average morning round. Running FTW!

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I made a little video of the poetic abstractions of the river near my house.

More photos from my walk today: