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Purposely pulled out of my goddess deck and placed on my table as a reminder only. A reminder of the journey that I have started.


Hidden Knowledge of Norse Myth

According to the Prose Edda (Snorri Sturlson p. xvii) Freya is the goddess of household prosperity. Strange how this is being kept quiet in many resources where love, beauty, war … seemed to be favoured. 144 more words


Travelling Vanir: Freyr, Nerthus and Njord

We know very little about the gods known as the Vanir, or their cult. One common thread, especially in the cult of Freyr, was taking the god’s statue for a tour in a wagon, so his worshippers could see their deity, and be blessed by them. 1,899 more words


Enslaved To Release A Compilation of Rare Collections

The Sleeping Gods – Thorn will see release on limited edition blue vinyl (webshop edition), black vinyl, digipak CD, and digitally via ByNorse Music. … 618 more words

Heavy Metal

Skeleton found in well confirms Viking Saga - The Archaeology News Network

Excavations of a well in Trondheim, Norway, have revealed the skeleton of a man. Archaeologists say this may be evidence that the saga of King Sverre is actually based on historical events. 11 more words


Need to Know Norse Knowledge

Rayne is at it again. She  created another workbook that offered DBug a great way to learn about Norse Mythology.She wanted to find a fun way to teach children about Norse culture and mythology. 168 more words

Leif Erikson Discovers America

Hans Dahl  Oil  Late 1800s

On October 9 we celebrate the journey of Leif Erikson from Greenland to North America, the first European to do so, nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus.   635 more words