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Emhar 'Gokstad' Build - Part I

I finally managed to take the model from the box, detach the pieces from the sprues and get building. On the bright side of it I am learning a lot about the shape and design of the Viking longship, and a fair bit about model making as well; combing archives and forums every now and then for help. 426 more words


Dio della Natura da Ramo di Acacia/Nature God from Acacia Branch (n.a.)

Sculpture from a brach of acacia tree, 35 cm high. It depicts an ancient nature god (or spirit, genie, kami, depending on cultural approach).

Scultura su legno di acacia, alta 35cm. 14 more words


Shed a Tyr for Loki

When I think of the Norse god Tyr, I can’t help but also think of Benedict, the brother of Corwin of Amber.*

When Benedict first appears in  752 more words


Some Quick Thoughts On Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

I’ve loved the Norse legends ever since I was a child, where an Usborne Illustrated Guide played a big part in opening my eyes to the wider wonders of mythology and also kicked my reading in the direction of fantasy. 580 more words


Odin and Freyja: one's grim, one's golden, but they are a lot alike

Odin and Freyja are the “stars” of the Norse pantheon. The most famous god of the warlike Aesir, and the (only) goddess of the Vanir, they are surprisingly alike. 1,085 more words


Read Death & Beauty for Free!

Friends, my erotic fantasy romance based on the Norse myth of Baldr and Hel, Death & Beauty, is now available for pre-order!

You can… 111 more words

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7 Amazing Apple Facts Your Doctor Never Told You About

An apple a day keeps the doctor away so the age long saying goes yet there are numerous health benefits those fruits possess that the doctor never told you about… 94 more words