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Ritual Perfume and Cologne Oils

I’ve just added three brand new oils to the shop, which are as follows:

Bast: In honor of the Lady of Cats, a heady blend of pure essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, amber, catnip, and chocolate (cacao). 2,144 more words

Ritual Perfume Oil

Hello world!

Hello there! My name is Freya and I am from the U.K hence the name of this blog…norse by name (so imaginative I know). My blog will be all about my love for clothes and I’ll probably chuck in a few of the drawings I attempt along the way!

Hope you enjoy!


Dacre: Carved Cross Shafts

In the chancel of St Andrews Church are two beautifully carved cross shafts. Carved on all four sides, the smaller of the two shafts (above) dates to the 9th century and was found in 1900 deep in clay near to the church. 147 more words


If You Think Your Gods Don't Care

Hello, my friends!

In case you think your gods don’t care about you, They do. If They didn’t care about Their devotees, They wouldn’t have them. 457 more words



Today I led the funeral for a woman whom I hardly knew.  I had just met her in the last weeks of her life and was glad to bring her prayers and communion as her health steadily declined.  702 more words

This Clergy Life

Fifth High Day: Lammas

The August “cross-quarter” High Day is often known as either Lammas or Lughnasadh. While the two terms are used interchangeably in neo-paganism, they are not generally considered to be related. 360 more words


Negative existence and creation myths

In the center of space there was, in the morning of time, a great abyss called Ginnunga-gap, the cleft of clefts, the yawning gulf, whose depths no eye could fathom, as it was enveloped in perpetual twilight.

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