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Art for Art's Sake

I have recently added a new page on my blog, a page dedicated to art and other passions of mine. Here, I have included a taste of the genre. 207 more words

May K Hella

Shout Out

Please find enclosed a letter to a friend I’ve found myself missing lately.

Sir. Greatest of nerds.

You may remember I met you while trying to meet someone else. 216 more words

Gods of the Season: Ratatoskr

On my other blog, I write about nature and its meanings. I wrote a piece on the Eurasian red squirrel, which is what I think Ratatoskr is. 287 more words

WoW, Norse Myth

Shockingly, I’m a World of Warcraft nerd. In past expansions of the game, I’ve enjoyed Blizzard’s integration of Norse myth into its universe — particularly with the Ulduar raid. 646 more words


A Longing

Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone!

As the leaves start to finally turn color around my Midwest stomping grounds, I realize that the brief time for rest is up for me.   470 more words


Gefjun: goddess or giant?

My last post on Gefjun touched on the question of her status. She is counted among the goddesses, but so are Skadi, Gerdr and Jord, all of whom are giantesses by birth. 1,606 more words


The Lewis Chessmen

In April 1831, a curious collection of carved figures was exhibited to members of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.   They had been found earlier that year, on a beach near Uig on the Isle of Lewis.  1,243 more words