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Way of the North

Renrir stared into the dark and storm-churned waters of the Sea of Chaos. The winds carried ice and stung his cheeks, but he stood still. His bondsmen and attendants stood by him, waiting for a command from their Jarl. 882 more words


Vikings: A Culture of Learning

History has falsely remembered the Vikings as brutish, amoral barbarians with no respect for anyone but themselves. What we know of the vikings comes to us primarily from the works of Christian clerics (the only literate people of the Viking Age in Europe) who happened to be the Vikings’ favorite victims. 876 more words



Fro Ing, I praise
thy sacred herb for
ecstatic flight.

To the unknown Garth
I travel within stone columns
of Wyrd’s Well.

From the inner deep… 76 more words



The Weekend Rune – Tiwaz

Showing compassion during any interactions with others this weekend should leave you feeling content and empowered at the fairness you can offer to any situation you encounter. 21 more words


Asgard, Inc. Board Meeting Notes May 16, 2016

Date: 05/16/2016
Time: 10 AM AST

Attendance List:

  • Ve – Board member
  • Vili – Board member
  • Tyr – VP, Marketing
  • Frigga – VP, HR
  • Var – VP, Legal…
  • 326 more words

The Days

I love thinking about things we take for granted (when I remember).  Have you ever thought of the days of the week?

Here they are: 62 more words

David L. Gersh

Black Blade Blues

So, once again, I’ve been gone for what seems like forever. I know, I know, shouting into the void here seeing if anyone’s still there. So, I’ve got a review for an older book that I picked up ages ago. 937 more words