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A Look into Marvel's Thor as a Non-Marvel Fan

Warning: This post contains some minor spoilers for the films.

As someone who is fascinated by Norse mythology, you might find it surprising that I am neither a fan of Marvel’s Thor nor the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. 744 more words


God of War review

The hype around Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War game gave me huge expectations of the story to deliver. I was a huge fan of God of Wars past, enjoying the brutality and button mashy combat destroying my way through Olympus, killing any god stood in my way. 701 more words


Qnd Eldr. Breathe Fire.

I love Goodreads.  I find it to be such a calm social media platform and almost all of my favorite authors are on there.  There are so many great discussion groups and books and giveaways.  352 more words


Book Review: Norse Mythology

Mythology as a whole is one of those subjects that I really love reading about whether its Judaeo Christian mythology, or the myths of Egypt, Mohammedan prophecy, or the legends of Rome and Greece. 182 more words

Laughing Shall I Die: A New Work by Tom Shippey

Those of you with an interest in Norse history will find Tom Shippey’s new work of interest. Visit this link to discover more.


Phil Kaveny

God of War

Writer – Callum Munday

Ever since the launch of the original God of War back in 2005, Kratos has been one of Playstation’s most iconic mascots; his brutal hack-and-slash adventures through the world of Greek mythology were, for the most part, at the pinnacle of platform gaming. 1,278 more words


Review of Francesca Simon’s 'The Monstrous Child'

A Hel of a Bad Read

Mythology has always interested me, be it Greco-Roman, Japanese, English, or any of the other myths and legends that have appeared all around the world. 341 more words

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