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Here there be Penguin Classics.

A week into the project things are going rather well. I recently started reading Frank McLynn’s 1066: The Year of Three Battles for my historiography project only to discover that it contained a quite detailed biographical sketch of Harald Hardrada. 272 more words

Battle Of Stamford Bridge

Only the dragons and the center helm were done at Chico Lou’s Fine Tattoos.

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Norse/Irish book trailer!

It’s a book trailer!  S & H Publishing (http://www.sandhpublishing.com) did a lovely job with this. 20 more words


The last Viking and his magical sword?

Republication from Heritage Daily and University of Oslo

Langeidsverdet Photo: Ellen C. Holthe, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

A deadly weapon and symbol of power – jewellery for a man, with magical properties. 1,257 more words

Love Notes From Freyja, 10/2/15

Cara Freyasdaughter of The Gold Thread passed the torch of Love Notes from Freyja on to me a little while back.  I accepted without being sure that I could do it, and worried that I wouldn’t be sufficient or up to the task.   119 more words

A Golden Mystery

A mysterious piece of jewelry found at Vestervang depicts a Christian cross and appears to have been created in continental Europe sometime between A.D. 500 and 750, predating the Norse-age farm site. 168 more words

Medieval History


Origin: Ancient Scandinavian, Norse
Meaning: It’s the feminine form of Kolfinnr comprised of kol means black, a synomom for black or dark + finnr which has either the meaning of… 22 more words