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Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by H.R. Ellis Davidson

Davidson’s Gods and Myths of Northern Europe is unquestionably one of the most read secondary-sources in the Northern Paganism sphere. Even though it is nearly forty years old, it is almost always at the top of any “recommended reading” list, and continues to be one of the most widely referenced works among both scholars and pagans alike. 922 more words


Valknut - A Norse Symbol

The Valknut is probably the most known and used symbol (as well as the Mjölnir) by the neo-pagans who follow and practice the old Norse pagan traditions. 459 more words

European History

Working With The Gods: Nerthus And Njord

When we are familiar with the Norse/Germanic tribes of old, we have the perception that the most worshiped deities were those linked to war, conflict, protection, fortification and all the things linked to combat. 490 more words

European History

Jormungand the Midgard Serpent

My interpretation of the character Jormungand from Norse mythology, done as a watercolour painting. In the myths he is a serpent whose body wraps all the way around the Earth. 75 more words


Why I am not a reconstructionist

I am a heathen. A polytheist. I honour the Gods of old, with the Norse deities especially close to my heart. Odin. Freya. Ullr. Nótt, so dear to me. 363 more words



It is our curse,
to be part of this course.

It is our curse,
to be part of the source.

It is our curse,
to be part of the Norse. 10 more words



The Weekend Rune – Ingwaz

Do you need someone’s approval to feel good about yourself? If so why?

Your own self-praise is sometimes all we need to feel good and in harmony with our own world, and the environment, we live in. 17 more words