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Would It Have Been More Propitious For Western Society To Stay With Pagan Tradition?

Since our ancestors began questioning their existence the notion of immortals overseeing the operations and development of communities has been a universal trend. Throughout the globe we find ancient gods disposed with human temperaments, their stories underpinning explanations to life’s intricacies and the faith of people. 1,177 more words


An Origin of Middle Ages Dragons

We have seen dragons in many cultures and taking many forms. There are many looks to them and many origins as well. Within the fantasy lore, one dragon appearance is the most recognizable. 929 more words


Of Aegir & Rán

In Aegir’s house I return to humbly confess
Of the words and ways that I did so transgress
Speaking ill of his halls and his liquid kingdom… 301 more words


ABCs of Norse Mythology – Mimir

Mimir is a primal, wise Aesir god who was sent to the Vanir to seal the truce between the two groups of the Norse gods. He was subsequently killed by the Vanir, and his head was then kept by Odin. 272 more words


Loki: Where Mischief Lies - Mackenzi Lee

Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mackenzi Lee tackles Loki’s story through the Marvel lens, blending Norse mythology and storylines with the unique versions of the characters that readers might be familiar with from the Marvel cinematic universe. 496 more words


Pod-Prep: Beginning Beowulf

The votes are in, my friends! Our Thingmen over on Twitter have decided which work of medieval literature will kickstart the revival of The Fjorn’s Hall Podcast: … 423 more words


Norse Raiders: Arrival

From now on. The posts with the title Norse Raiders will relate the journey that the old but strong wizard called Skrogg will travel among the Felstad Ruins. 491 more words