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Hvalsey Church, Thjodhildarstadir, Greenland

The Qaqortoq (Julianehåb) region of Greenland was occupied by up to 4,000 Norse settlers from Iceland between approximately 985 and 1410 A.D.  We had an expedition landing in the abandoned settlement of Thjodhildarstadir, just south of the town of Qaqortoq, southern Greenland’s largest town and its government headquarters .   277 more words


Norse Mythology Jokes!

To celebrate my appearance in a serious academic discussion on Dr Jackson Crawford’s Norse Mythology YouTube channel. I thought I’d collate my Norse mythology jokes that I’ve been cooking up in bored moments over recent days. 261 more words


Tyr the wolf. Frostgrave hound.

Quick entry. This is my frostgrave hound for my starter warband. 16 more words


Daily Drawing 2019 - 21 August

Daily Drawing 2019, day 243. Quick illustration of a Norse Warrior

Materials Used: Clip Studio Paint Pro

Date Finished: 21/08/2019

Time Taken: approx 15 mins

Phoenix Grayson

Blog Post

Once again it’s is late lol I know I could be better but I’m not haha

Ok so quick thing I guess. I left my possibility of adding to my Norse novels last night as a negative. 799 more words

Wooden Freyr Pendant

Frey Dalla Lunga Barba

Pendant carved on olive wood depicting Freyr with a long beard, symbol of prosperity and regeneration.

Pendente scolpito su legno di olivo raffigurante… 9 more words


Mjolnir Pendant

Pendant depicting Mjollnir. Carved on olive tree wood.

Pendente raffigurante Mjollnir. martello di Thor. Scolpito su legno di olivo.