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It's the End of an Era in Norseland

I’m old. I like the familiar, the comfortable, that which I already know. That’s why I loved the Great Lakes Valley Conference and I loved that my college – Northern Kentucky University – played in it. 1,124 more words

College Basketball

Early Irish Poem dating from 850 AD

Bitter is the wind tonight

It tosses the ocean’s white hair

Tonight I fear not the fierce warriors of Norway 

Coursing on the Irish sea… 178 more words


Son of Fenrir

His left arm hung from its socket, the blood running from deep gashes down its length, dripping off his fingers in a steady stream and collecting in a pool on the ground next to his foot. 784 more words

The Contribution Of The Vikings To The English Language

As you can see in the chart above , the Germanic settlements in Britain can be traced back to the late 400s when the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded the island.  761 more words


Brunanburh: A Battle of Five Armies

In AD 937, Wessex and Mercia fought an alliance of Norsemen, Britons and Scots at the Battle of Brunanburh. This battle is recorded in the… 361 more words