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These Norsemen are excellent persons in the main, with good sense, steadiness, wise speech, and prompt action. But they have a singular turn for homicide; their chief end of man is to murder, or to be murdered; oars, scythes, harpoons, crowbars, peatknives, and hayforks, are tools valued by them all the more for their charming aptitude for assassinations.

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Vikings raided cos they were desperate single men?

When the Vikings landed at the holy island of Lindisfarne in 793AD, it marked the beginning of hundreds of years of terrifying raids, which would earn the Norsemen a fearsome reputation as murderers and pillagers throughout Europe. 682 more words


Cover Reveal Norseman's Deception

Gianna Simone’s second Norsemen Saga, Norseman’s Deception has been revealed! That means I can show it off.

This cover follows what I had done for Gianna for the first book. 303 more words

New Book Release

A Day in Oslo

If feels like I’ve been here a month, instead of two short weeks. I have found my rhythm within the city and have grown to love my routine. 966 more words


You can lead a Norse to water…..

28 June 2016

Tim Koch is still in Caledonian mode:

I recently reported on my visit to the dinner held in honour of W.D. Kinnear, the 1912 Olympic sculling champion, in his home village of Laurencekirk on the North East Scottish coast. 557 more words

The Viking Saga

Yesterday was probably my favourite day in Oslo. I got to feed my fantasy world with a trip to see the viking way of life. 827 more words