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The Single Most Important Viking Trait

Looking at modern man, I am often saddened by how weak he has become. I’m not talking about the physical abilities of today’s male population or the fact that today’s young, male generation has a dangerously low testosterone level, although that is a problem in itself. 817 more words


Sexy Saturday ~The Valiant Viking

I’m just devastated that History’s Vikings had ended for this season. I love that show so much! I’m considering going back and watching again from the beginning. 804 more words
Bambi Lynn

Beyond the Northlands by Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough

‘In the centuries that followed the sacking of Lindisfarne, Norse ships of oak and iron transported these northern voyagers to all corners of the medieval word  and beyond, where they not only raided but also traded with locals, explored and colonized new lands, and embarked on pilgrimages and crusades. 980 more words

Non-fiction: History

Tanka: Sea Wolves

Hidden in the night,

dragons, riding at anchor

until the tide turns.

They strike silent as the wolf,

bathe the silver strand in blood.

High drama, epic stories, love, passion and terror in the cold north. 8 more words


Vikings raided cos they were desperate single men?

When the Vikings landed at the holy island of Lindisfarne in 793AD, it marked the beginning of hundreds of years of terrifying raids, which would earn the Norsemen a fearsome reputation as murderers and pillagers throughout Europe. 682 more words


Cover Reveal Norseman's Deception

Gianna Simone’s second Norsemen Saga, Norseman’s Deception has been revealed! That means I can show it off.

This cover follows what I had done for Gianna for the first book. 303 more words

New Book Release