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Nortel Networks, U.S. Pension Insurer Reach Bankruptcy Deal

Former telecommunications equipment maker NortelNetworks and the U.S. pension insurer have reached a deal that clears the way for the company to end its eight years in bankruptcy. 276 more words


Nortel VPN Client Overview

The Nortel VPN Client creates the secure connection for VPN users into a private network.Once you log in through iPass and receive the iPass screen, you are now authenticating through the Nortel VPN, and not iPass.If this is your first time connecting, or your pin has been reset, you will enter only your username, and token ID.The PIN field should be blank. 462 more words

Phone of the Day: Nearby Kohls | Undisclosed location

This was taken at a local Kohls, just a little north of where I live. This is located in massively redeveloped area of box stores when it was just all trees. 194 more words


Thinking about Electronics Obsolescence

We are in the process currently of helping a number of clients make major upgrades to networks, something we’ve done many times over the years. And this got me thinking about obsolescence and when and why we replace major electronics. 786 more words


Aastra/Nortel 390 Unboxing

It’s been a while since I have been updating the site. In fact, I haven’t logged in for a while ether. While I have some time catching up on things, I thought I’d share the unboxing (albeit sound only) of an Aastra 390 screenset, received by Joe the UCX Guy earlier last month. 67 more words

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Nortel executives continue drawing bonuses years after bankruptcy - Ottawa

Former Nortel workers who are still owed money say they’re frustrated that executives with the now defunct company are still drawing retention bonuses, eight years after the company started bankruptcy proceedings. 14 more words


$46 million loss on $83.6 million in revenue = $1 billion valuation?

I have heard of the new math, but based on the company’s 2015 financial performance, I must admit that I cannot understand Coupa’s $1 billion valuation. 449 more words