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Nortel Norstar SMDR

For you Nortel nerds out there, here’s something that I no longer own, but once possessed. Bought this SMDR 5 box at a thrift shop for under $5 and sold it for $80 on eBay. 363 more words

The Performance of Many Hedge Funds Comes Down to Owning *ONE* company

The one company? Apple. How dependent are the hedge funds? According to Bloomberg Business:

A group of companies representing the most popular long positions for hedge funds is up just 0.2 percent in 2015, compared to a 2.3 percent gain for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, data compiled by Goldman Sachs show.

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Video: 1980s Nortel Logic-1 Telephone

plugin for my new YouTube Channel on old tech, check it out!

Topical: On Voice Mail

I thought I’d share my thoughts about voice mail as it was reported earlier this week that Coca Cola to cut costs because everyone is going wimpy on the healthy diet; that one of the cuts would be their voicemail system. 821 more words