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15 Global Businesses Owned By Africa’s Most Valuable Company

Naspers is Africa’s most valuable company, and it has built its $72 billion valuation through investments in international companies and the creation of other businesses that have gone global.

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Africa’s Transition To Low Carbon Energy Critical

Africa’s transition to a low carbon energy future is critical for global sustainability, especially for addressing climate change, Dr Timothy Afful-Koomson, Principal Green Growth Officer, African Development Bank (AfDB) has said.

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First Practicum Activity: Simu Gal (Simon Says)

Note: “9” denotes a throaty “K” sound in Darija, or Moroccan Arabic.

“Simu gal, 9is nose dyalk,” I shouted at the roomful of eager-looking teenage girls. 727 more words

Peace Corps

Redeemed opportunities

Where do missed opportunities go? Are they gone forever or does God redeem them by giving us new opportunities?

Here in North Africa, where living intentionally should be as easy as breathing, I still miss opportunities. 309 more words

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Managing in Arabic in Morocco - part 1

The question I’ve written about many times:

Do you  dedicate your limited Arabic learning resources to:  perfecting a dialect?  Or do you aim for a more general, heavily MSA-based, multi-purpose Arabic that enables you to operate in Arabic at a very high level wherever you go? 484 more words

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Creating Mutually Beneficial Partnerships in Africa

Mark Zuckerberg is not the only Western business leader paying attention to Africa. The Facebook founder’s recent visits to Nigeria and Kenya gave a high-profile boost to the tech community, but this trail is being blazed by CEOs across a number of sectors.

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Tunisian Jews confident that coexistence will return after current Islamic extremism

While the Iraqi military operation to retake the city of Mosul has again drawn attention to Christians’ struggle to live in the Middle East, another minority religion soldiers on in a predominantly Muslim country far to the West. 804 more words