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North African despair

After a day like last Friday you can feel the despair in Tunisia. Not only Tunisians but all North Africans, like the many Libyans you encounter here in Djerba. 700 more words

Diversiteit En Verandering

The “Islamic State” is one year old, how is it doing in North Africa?

A year ago, ISIS was not a name usually associated with North Africa. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM) was the large terrorist group in the region, and ISIS was considered a Syria/Iraq problem. 59 more words

Record Number of Migrants Cross into Europe

“Record Number of Migrants Crossing into Europe, U.N. Says,” by Somini Sengupta for the New York Times:

Record numbers of people crossed the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to reach the shores of Europe in the first six months of this year, and most of them were entitled to be resettled as refugees under international law, the United Nations said Wednesday.

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Hungarian Border to be Extended

“The hidden frontline of Europe’s migration crises,” by Dan Nolan for the Telegraph:

Dressed only in a thin white polo shirt and jeans, Ashraf, a 17-year-old from Damascus, shivers in the rain next to the dense Serbo-Hungarian forest where he has lived without food and water for three days.

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Terrorism? Keep a Stiff Upper Lip.

“You may not be interested in war,” Leon Trotsky once warned, “but war is interested in you.” If British Prime Minister David Cameron ever doubted that, he knows better now. 1,372 more words

Middle East

Minorities and Popular Culture in the Modern Middle East (2)

Minorities and Popular Culture in the Modern Middle East (2)

Cambridge MPhil student Özgecan Atasoy reflects on the recent workshop organised by the Woolf Institute and the SOAS Centre for Cultural Literary and Postcolonial Studies. 628 more words

Cats and Etymology: Meet Mishmash!

Hi everyone! Meet Mishmash:

She’s our musha (cat). She was inherited from volunteers from a previous staj, and another volunteer took care of her for a month while we were living with our host family. 799 more words