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North Beach- Burlington, Vermont

Alex and I visited North Beach Park, Burlington’s largest beach, on a rainy day in early May. The park was not yet open and we had the beach to ourselves. 463 more words


The Palace of the Legion of Honor: A Welcome Escape (Write Every Day, 15)

Temps around here climbed over 100 degrees yesterday, so what was a family to do?  We escaped to San Francisco, where it’s always cooler in the summertime. 501 more words


Song For My Father

I have an image of him in the late ’50s: Still underage, he sneaks through the curtains at the front door of the hungry i, the Keystone Korner, or the Purple Onion, slinks into one of the seats in back, and gets lost in music. 1,259 more words


The 63rd Annual North Beach Festival

This weekend the North Beach Festival takes place both Saturday and Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM on both days. It’s going to be a warm weekend, perfect weather for this big event. 73 more words

San Francisco

'Jonas' and the Whale

While today (in most parts of the world) whaling is thankfully banned, in the past, whaling was an occupation that was carried out regularly. Whales were hunted to extremes for their blubber, oil and bones. 401 more words


Day One North Beach Dune Replenishment

Here is my day one painting, not sooo bad!  Although this is the second attempt today, as I didn’t think the first one was acceptable to post, maybe I can rework it a bit and salvage it, I hate wasting a good sheet of paper! 79 more words


upstreet downstreet san francisco

Here then are the final few sketches from last month’s San Francisco overnighter. These were drawn on the Sunday, after getting up and walking down to Mara’s Italian Pastries on Columbus for a delicious (but messy!) Cannoli and a huge pastry that looked like a chocolate croissant but was much denser, took me all day to finish. 564 more words