Dates for Sowbug Roundup 2016 Announced- Mark Your Calendar Now!

Please share with anyone that you believe to be of interest in this event.

For as long as I have been aware this event has been held in March, but has had to be changed for the 2016 venue. 130 more words

Davy Wotton

Fly Tying Class Sunday 2/8/15: Wet Flies and Fuzzy Nymphs for the Farmington River

This class will by led by yours truly at UpCountry Sportfishing in New Hartford, CT, Sunday, February 8. Here is the blurb from the UpCountry website: 170 more words

Steve Culton

Pre-school children and gloomy days

THE Tees at Broken Scar was surprisingly low today (Monday) – it usually stays higher for longer after heavy rain.

The weather was muggy – warm, but overcast, with dark rainclouds and a slight upriver breeze. 513 more words

Catching sun stroke...


…but little else. The Swale is a tricky river to fish! Three visits and still nothing, but there were takes on a waterhen bloa and a black snipe. 57 more words

A good night to give a wet fly presentation

Had enough rain yet? I can only imagine what your favorite trout stream looks like. One of those neither man nor beast nights, so I was astonished to see such an impressive turnout at the Thames Valley Chapter of TU meeting. 99 more words

Steve Culton

Many thanks to the TU Naugatuck Pomperaug Chapter for hosting "Wet Flies 101"

I learned two things tonight. One, it’s hard to find pizza by the slice in Naugatuck. And two, the guys of TU Chapter 281 are perfectly willing to share a couple slices of their own. 65 more words

Steve Culton

Excellent early season trout fly!


MY waders were full of rain water. The Boss insists they stay outside the back door. Usually they have a carrier bag over the top but the bag blew aside and the overnight rain got in. 325 more words