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NDW50 - what its like to run 50 miles

TL;DR: 52 miles, 11 hours, great conversations, beautiful scenery, up up up down down. Glad I changed my shoes, getting lost, “sprinting” to the finish. Fantastic. 3,787 more words


NDW50 Wk 27: One Week On

A week ago I was running through fields & woodland, up & down hills, across stepping stones & up some steps. Smelling the scent of the wild garlic lining the paths, basking in the late afternoon sunshine. 924 more words


NDW50 Wk 26: The North Downs Way 50, 13th May 2017

51 miles, 11:21:02, 13:21 min/mile, 5,600 ft elevation gain

Nine months after I entered on a bit of a whim, six months after I started training & we are finally here. 3,076 more words

North Downs Way

My first ultra marathon - one sleep to go!

It’s the night before and I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be. I am also so anxious. I am not an anxious person, I so rarely feel like this but this race has done it to me – difficulty falling asleep, occasional panicky racing heart. 681 more words


NDW50 Wk 25: NDW50 T-5 Days (wc 01.05.17)

As I write this post it is five days until race day. FIVE DAYS! How the f**k did that happen?

My training is effectively done. I can do no more A few easy miles over the next few days to keep the legs moving & the mind happy but the main priority for the coming week is rest & recovery & preparing myself physically & mentally to run 50 miles next weekend. 1,063 more words


Margery Wood and The North Downs Trail

We were off to a late start. The plan was to do the Norths Down Ridge Circular Walk but we ended up exploring on our own, getting lost in the process and using the GPS on the phone in the end to find our way back. 135 more words

Jajabor - The Travelogue

NDW50 Wk 24: The finish line is in sight (wc 24.04.17)

Like most things following a bank holiday I’m running late, but that’s ok because my runs are a day late too so this week’s post is a little off kilter with an extra day thrown in! 1,670 more words