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Time to use this blog

It’s been an awful long time since my last post (in fact almost a year)
Reason being that it’s a bit of a farce to write a blog on running when you haven’t run for about a year (18th of May 2015 was when my injury presented itself, even writing that is painful, a whole bloody year). 371 more words

North Downs Way

North Downs Way 100 2016

Apparently when I was about 4 years old I wanted to be a midwife. I have no recollection of this; I have many vivid memories of early childhood but my ambitions to help bring more humans into the world is both at odds with my temperament and completely missing from my memory bank. 4,866 more words


A weekend on the North Downs Way, or, The difference some pack weight makes...

And so, after much internet planning frustration (it’s startling how difficult it is to find train stations a convenient weekend’s walk apart with a campsite in-between on the National Trails), we had a plan to get away for the weekend and to try out the shiny new tent.   692 more words


Cities of mauve spires

Rosebay willowherb is now in full bloom in glades, on verges, and by railway tracks throughout Kent. One of the factors causing the plant to spread so much in the past 70 odd years was the second world war when clearings were made in woods, aerodromes were built all over the south east and bombs were dropped across the region. 138 more words


The End

Dover was miserable as I stepped off the train. A walk through town saw me narrowly avoiding being accosted by some rather dubious-looking characters. Not responding to their calls was probably the smart thing to do. 875 more words

Wild Camping

Hard As Snails 10k

Just over 8 weeks after Brighton Marathon, with training once again going ok having increased my base mileage to roughly 30 miles a week and introduced more cross training, I thought it was perhaps time to enter another race. 505 more words


Centurion NDW 50 - I need to turn my year around.

“If you start to feel good during an ultra, don’t worry you will get over it.” Gene Thibeault

I don’t love ultras, but I love finishing them. 4,880 more words

Ultra Running