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Top 5 Places for Solo traveling in India🇮🇳🏞️

So, the last and final part of this blog the 5th place to visit for solo traveling in India is not a single place or a city but it’s a group of place I would suggest to add in your bucket list, and those destination are in North-East India. 344 more words


Anggur Asinba Athumba Thongba| Manipuri Grape Relish

Anggur Asinba Athumba Thongba is a Manipuri sweet-and-sour relish made with sour grapes. It is amazing, how beautiful this relish tastes and, yet, how very simple it is to prepare. 10 more words

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Tree of the Bridge

A Root bridge is a tradition of local people in Meghalaya, India to cross the water streams inside a forest.


Masoor Dailor Boror Tenga| Assamese Sour Curry With Potatoes And Lentil Dumplings

For this month’s Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge, I made Masoor Dailor Boror Tenga, an Assamese sour-tasting curry with potatoes and lentil (masoor daal… 19 more words

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Thoughts At Tamabil, The Indo-Bangladesh Border

We had the opportunity to visit the India-Bangladesh border at Tamabil, during our trip to North-East India. The experience made me rather emotional, quite unexpectedly.

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