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February 2017: Me, at 22

After a hiatus of nearly a year, I am writing here and the fact that I am updating this blog is a proud feeling, whatever worthless writing this might be doesn’t really matter. 645 more words

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Plan Your Travels in North East India

How do I plan a backpacking trip to North Eastern India?

I’ve done budget travel in north east India. So, the first thing I’d say, especially when you intend to backpack, is that don’t plan too much.

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Avoid These Faux Pas in North East India

What are some cultural faux pas in North-East India?

Though there’s a tendency to bracket North East India as one region, it has eight highly diverse states with many communities, cultures and lifestyles.

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Life in North East India

How is life in North East India?

My  wife and I made a longish tour in 2013-14 – in what became a  life-altering experience. I’ve turned in to a travel writer since, with  the manuscript of my travelogue picked up by a literary agent  (hope it  gets published soon!).

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Wild Camping in North East India

How safe is wild camping in North-East India?

What precautions do I need to take?

Please note that the tips in this post are applicable only if someone is following a minimalist agenda on the road less travelled.

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Top Reasons to Visit North East India

Why should you visit North East India?

Here are my top picks. These are based-on a few excerpts from my forthcoming travelogue.


The incredible people who stand out as proud ambassadors of their village, town or state are a source of inspiration. 192 more words