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Young North Korean school children

Young North Korean schoolchildren help to fix holes in a rural road in North Hamgyong province.


North Korea Revisited: Day 3 – Chongjin, Pochon (Homestay Village)

The most surprising and shocking revelation of the third day was the electric fence along the coast of North Korea!
After breakfast at the Chongjin Hotel we drove south through the city, past the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex (guess who originally built it!), which is dominating the look and economy of Chonjin. 1,628 more words


North Korea Revisited: Day 2 – Hoeryong, Chongjin

After breakfast at the Hoeryong Hotel we started a highlight tour of the city. First destination was a statue of Kim Jong-suk, Kim Il-sung’s wife and Kim Jong-il’s mother, who died in 1949 when lil’ Kim was just seven years old. 2,708 more words


North Korea Revisited: Day 1 – Yanji, Tumen, Onsong, Hoeryong

The Northeastern Adventure started on a rainy Monday morning in front of the Ryugyong Hotel. No, not the famous triangle shaped hotel in Pyongyang that was the world’s most famous construction ruin for many, many years – the one in Yanji, China, also known as Liujing Hotel. 1,712 more words


Tumen - North Hamgyong First Ever Group Tour!

In April 2013 I was the first American tourist to cross the Namyang/Tumen border into North Korea’s North Hamgyong province. Young Pioneer Tour’s head guide Troy Collings led the trip and wrote the following report – … 2,406 more words

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UNICEF Final Report of the National Nutrition Survey 2012 Summary

In March 2013, UNICEF published a report on the state of nutrition in North Korea based on research conducted between September 17th and October 17th 2012. 761 more words


The divine right of Kims

If I was an anthropologist, I’d drop what I was doing and glue myself to the North Korean TV channels for the next 24 hours as “the… 652 more words

Black Death