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North Korea Attacks South Korea

This first prediction has happened but no island involved. The reason they called it ‘great news’ is because this is the precursor leading to fall and end of Kim Jong-Un’s reign as the leader of North Korea. 294 more words

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Financial authorities hold emergency meeting on North Korea’s rocket launch

As you may know already, North Korea surprised the world by launching its long-range rocket last Wednesday December 12, 2012. A few hours after the launch, FSC’s Vice Chairman Choo Kyungho held a joint FSC-FSS emergency meeting to discuss the impacts of North Korea’s provocation on financial market and measures to cope with them. 99 more words

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Front Pages: North Korea's Rocket Launch

April 13, 2012. North Korea was all set to send its first “satellite” in space, Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3, in a rocket launch that made the Philippines fidgety. 208 more words

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Emergency Meeting on the Effects of North Korea's Rocket Launch

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I assume many of you were surprised at the rocket launch by North Korea yesterday. Even though the launch was the scheduled one, it happened earlier than expected. 131 more words

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Japan Threatens To Shoot Down North Korean Rocket

Japan has warned that a North Korean rocket could be fired down next week if the launch goes ahead as planned.  Kim Jong-un has insisted the launch is just carrying a communications satellite, and caries no harm.  106 more words

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Philippines mounted the perfect nuclear engineering

Philippines is not yet off the hook as North Korea, out of international condemnation and embarrassment brought by its rocket failure, recently held that it is likely to engage in retaliation by launching a long-range nuclear missile, which as most analysts believed has uranium-enriched property. 257 more words


Profile Story: Nothing-To-Fear North Korea

This week the world watched as North Korea, led by Kim Jong-un, just as insane as his father, launched a test rocket.  While the government claimed the rocket was to send a satellite into space to honor what would be the 100th birthday of the country’s founder, everyone knew it was really to test if a rocket, fitted with a nuclear head once the technology was realized, could be sent to either the United States or Europe.  54 more words