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The end of privacy


I’m amazed at how the media is plunging into all the hacked Sony stuff without ever mentioning the right to privacy. What a quaint thing that was. 403 more words


Embracing Beauty • Day 1 • Hyeonseo Lee's Escape from North Korea

October has finally arrived, and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough. The world has wearied me with its focus on the negative and ugly, and so I’m pleased to be spending some time over the next 31 days searching out beauty. 187 more words


Mixup leads to new political campaign office in Brownwood

What started out as an honest attempt to woo business to the area has turned into a growing controversy. Gus Harrison of the Brownwood Redevelopment Board explains; 503 more words


Touring North Korea

Picking up where I left off, in the midst of virtually touring North Korea, I think I have decided upon where my autoethnographic research will lead to for my final research digital artefact. 1,333 more words


Brinkmanship and Irrationality: A New U.S. Strategy for North Korea?

North Korea conducted its fifth and, thus far, largest nuclear test this month. Outsiders know little about the DPRK’s capabilities. Yet, with each blast being larger than the next, the program appears increasingly successful. 1,374 more words

International Security/Conflict

Meet the New Authoritarian Masters of the Internet

Breitbart, by John Hayward, Sept. 29, 2016:

President Barack Obama’s drive to hand off control of Internet domains to a foreign multi-national operation will give some very unpleasant regimes equal say over the future of online speech and commerce. 2,640 more words

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