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Cult of ideology

China was normally tolerant of North Korea’s flowery  lunacy and the way he spoke of everything like he was spitting propaganda lines. But when the Korean said that he was able to produce nuclear weapons because his country was “blessed with Juche science,” China had to stop him. 418 more words


On North Korea, Trump’s Got It Right

Trump’s policies have been a jumbled mess. He’s flip-flopped on dozens of issues, even admitting that he doesn’t know what his policies are. But like a broken clock, he has moments when he gets it right. 647 more words

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Bucketlist: North Korea

Seminggu ini pikiran dan imajinasi saya dihantui oleh dua kata yang merangkai satu nama negara. Korea Utara. 1,013 more words


Top CyberSecurity News For 28th May 2016

  1. North Korea Linked With Hacks Stealing From BanksFrom US News And World Report. Network security researchers have linked cyber attacks that stole millions of dollars from Asian banks to hacking incidents attributed to North Korea, raising questions as to whether the cash-strapped hermit kingdom is seeking new ways to replenish its coffers.

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Goseong (III)

During my stay in Goseong, I visited the Inter-Korean Transit Office (Donghae Line) as well. This office was active during the running of Mt. Geumgang tours with the Geumgang resort receiving about 400,000 visitors per year until July 2008. 234 more words

North Korea

The South of North Korea

Despite sharing a border, North and South Korea could not be anymore different. Once a unified country, the atrocities of war have divided the country to form two very different countries with different ideologies. 1,975 more words