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North Koreans Are Reportedly Flocking To Adopt Kim Jong-Un's Hairstyle, But Not By Choice

The next bullet point in Kim Jong Un’s ever-expanding list of propaganda placed upon the people of North Korea is a strictly-enforced selection of haircuts. There were once… 242 more words


Mystery ghost ships containing skeletal remains of 'North Koreans' appear off coast of Japan

Ghost ships containing skeletal remains of sailors have been discovered on the Japanese coast but it’s not exactly Pirates of the Caribbean.

The story behind the 11 vessels could actually be more haunting. 227 more words


Japan: Solving the ghost fleet mystery

Source: NHK World via Daily Mirror.

Japan is currently investigating the origin behind recent ghost ships arriving on its coast with human remains. 172 more words


No# 160

Handmade: Broche
Stamp origin: North Korea /1975
Size: 3.4×5.7×1cm
Subject: Birds – Parkiet

Material: stamp, foam, broche pin, glitter print carbon on the sides and the back of the frame, needles, pvc see-through window frame, tape, rapid fix glueand fake pearl beads.



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Indian tribes aren’t subject to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same sex marriage. Many tribes are ignoring the ruling, and that’s causing progressive heads to explode. 35 more words

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