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North Korea to join TPP

Hot on the heels of the USA announcing its withdrawal from the TPP, North Korea has announced its intention to join the TPP. The tersely worded statement from Pyong Yang stated “Now the imperialist pigs have withdrawn from the TPP, we feel it may be a welcoming forum to express our disgust for free markets by vexatiously suing member states and their major industries” 75 more words


Trump's 'national day of patriotic devotion' has echoes of North Korea

Reported by Jelliograph : Donald Trump has echoed North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, after declaring that the day of his inauguration should be a “national day of patriotic devotion” – a rallying cry that would not be out of place in the secretive state’s propaganda. 641 more words

An analysis of Trump’s inaugural address – a successful speech or not?

Can playing high status go over the top? Trump’s eagerly awaited speech had a number of technically good elements, but as a whole it was no stellar performance. 1,786 more words


North Korea's Ballistic Missile

Kim Jong Un’s first announcement of 2017 that North Korea is in the “final stages” of development of a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile 174 more words

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North Korea developing nuclear capabilities at 'unprecedented' pace

Sky News

Seoul claims a US anti-missile defence system needs to be deployed in the country without delay despite objections from China.

11:47, UK, Monday 23 January 2017… 508 more words

Eye On North Korea

Finally I get to return to my first passion international relations……our man in DC will now have his hands full….Russia is still a huge question mark…..South China Sea will begin to boil from the simmer we have now…..and we all know what he says about ISIS….but the most pressing situation may be none of the above….. 221 more words

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