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Drink It Forward

It was dark and I was driving carefully, unlike the demolition derby driver I impersonate when the sun is shining. As I pulled in to the Firewater parking lot, I had to unexpectedly yield to an older man riding his scooter across the parking lot in order to go through the drive-through. 618 more words


Orange, No Juice, Me, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King

I think Steven Spielberg and Stephen King were both with me this morning. As is usually the case, it was very early morning and most people were still dreaming of their own private universes as I meandered across a few miles of the urban landscape. 756 more words


An Excursion in Little Rock, North

Note to casual readers: this post is longer than the explanation for the finale to “Lost,” so embark only if sufficiently interested; otherwise, watch baseball or golf until anything suddenly seems interesting – and then come back to this. 2,900 more words


MoFo Coffee Pot Adventure

My wife should know better than to let me wander in strange towns. It’s like an opportunity to be inside a petri dish, watching – and sometimes commenting. 831 more words


October Happenings

Check out upcoming events in our October Happenings newsletter, including:

  • a new catfish festival in North Little Rock
  • 1929 Ford Trimotor Airliner visiting the North Little Rock Municipal Airport…
  • 49 more words

Exploring Central Arkansas's Locally Labeled craft beer scene

As microbreweries continue to grow across the country, craft beer has blossomed in parts of the United States that people don’t usually associate with beer. Central Arkansas is one of those places. 684 more words

Craft Beer

Hops in Heaven: Diamond Bear Brewing in North Little Rock, Ark.

For people driving through Central Arkansas searching out craft beer and food, there are about a half dozen breweries/brewpubs that are open for lunch during the week.   598 more words

Craft Beer