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A Bite Of England

Want to do something special during the remainder of the summer? Here’s some good news to share with all food and drink enthusiasts! From early August onwards, a few delectable food festivals are going to pop up in London every weekend! 366 more words


pieces of a peace garden

Right next to Hampstead Heath station, there’s a little garden which I somehow never quite got around to visiting, so I made an effort to rectify that. 82 more words

Summer Fun

The Ranelagh, Bounds Green

I have a staunch love of North London. Newington Green was the first place I ever lived, and while it very much felt like the ‘hood back then, it’s now an enclave of artisan bakeries, overpriced pizza and the “gastropub”. 567 more words


Redcurrant Sorbet

A day of foraging left me with more redcurrants than I could reasonably just sit and eat, so I was left with the perennial harvesters question – what exactly am I going to do with all of this now that I have it? 364 more words

Food & Drink

Foraging gone right.

I could say my cherry mishap made me cautious, but really it made me annoyed. Or maybe determined not to be beaten. There was, quite literally, low hanging fruit for the taking, and I was going to get some. 232 more words

Food & Drink

Is Experienced and Skilled Service Provider Required for Carpet Cleaning?

Professional cleaning of your rugs and carpets is an outstanding idea, by selecting the experienced and skilled service provider, you can have completely clean and stain free carpet. 416 more words

Carpet Cleaning

CHEAP AVOCADOS! (now I've got your attention...) at Chapel Market, Islington

Having grown up in Maidstone, Chapel Market gave me a sense of nostalgia on first visit, likening it to my trips daan Maidstone Market, back when I was a gel (hard “g”) – a market that allowed me to exercise my eclecticism young, picking up Jazzy Jeff style mirrored shades, Indian hippy dresses and a “Naff” jacket (when all the other kids at school were wearing “naff naff” – cheers mum  ;-)), all whilst sinking five hot sugary doughnuts for a pound  #thisisliving. 322 more words