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“It was a lark at first—really it was a lark, Gale, for all your long face! And I’ve made pots of money by it. But I’m sick to death of the whole thing—want to get my fingers on realities for a change. 4,321 more words

Book Review

The Note-Worthy North: Roundhay Tropical World

The North of England is generally underrated. Tourism is attracted to the big cities down in the South, and the North is left, with its beautiful treasures, without any credit. 296 more words

Animal Sanctuary

Hello world!

These are the thoughts of a slightly rambling, thirty-something (…..& counting) teacher from a little town in the North of England.    My world for about nine months of the year involves looking after (….& hopefully teaching and inspiring) 30 little monsters between the hours of 9-3pm. 

Dare you enter?

Little Monsters

One shot - Look over there

I don’t normally post blog articles which are just a single image, but then I thought, it’s my blog, why not?

I took this in Plessey Woods, Northumberland, with the Fuji GA645Zi and Kodak Portra 400, converted to mono in Adobe Lightroom.


Are we ready for the debate?

I am not going to say too much about this today. I am going to let the picture speak for itself. I genuinely do believe that it is time for a healthy debate in the North of England about where our future lies…Please support by sharing if you agree. 14 more words

Author Ingrid Hall

King of Wool- King of Life.

How can the current council inspire a more vibrant creative Bradford, they have never lived themselves, no thrills in their veins! Just the ordinary usual. Which is fine for the ‘usual’ requiring people, but why would the creatives, the inspired, the fun loving consumers, vibrant communities want any part of Bradford, when the very people entrusted to bring more of these citizen into the city (and their trade) have no idea who these people even are. 148 more words


Day 244: "He's a gay man now" 日曜日・2015年5月17日

I’ve neglected to mention this, I keep meaning to but I keep forgetting. Since the outrage at last week’s election results in the UK, interest in a year-old petition for the North of England to join Scotland and be independent from England sudenly rekindled and pulled in thousands of signatures. 664 more words