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Princess Avery

Princess Avery was just a peach to take pictures of. She hardly even made a noise! Being a baby photographer is my most very favorite thing to do!

North Platte

Garod and Danielle

The location, the weather, the perfect light, the AMAZING people!…This session makes me week at the knees! Danielle and Garod will be tying the knot knot in a few shot months. 12 more words

North Platte

Amy Ziegler

This senior has a special spot in my heart…..I love her name! :-) Amy, is a Senior at North Platte High. I hope you have a fabulous year Amy!

North Platte

Petersen and Cahill Nebraska Wedding Day

The day was perfect, wedding in North Platte, Nebraska outside in a perfect historical park. The bride had thought out all the details to make the day special and at the top of the importance list was family. 25 more words

North Platte

Marcus Silos

What a fun Senior Marcus is! We had so much fun personalizing his shoot for what is important for him. When Marcus booked his Senior Portrait session the wheels started turning for how we could make his sports stand out and fit him! 15 more words

North Platte

Miss Eden!

I met beautiful Miss Eden in late August. Her mamma saw our work in the OB office in North Platte and contacted me about a month before baby was planned to arrive. 61 more words

North Platte

The Orphaned Images Project: Brown, North Platte, Nebr.

I’m assuming this is also a Lucky Dedmore photograph. The photo was labeled “Brown, North Platte, Nebr.” Perhaps it’s the Brown family? If so, where is Mrs. 31 more words

Clinton O. Dedmore