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Pakistan’s true salvation

By Shirin Naseer

As a country that was created to protect the rights of a minority within the subcontinent, Pakistan started off as a guarantor of equal rights and opportunities for all subjects of the state. 433 more words

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Author’s blindness or intentional malice

By Omar Farooque

How Cyril Almeida gets it completely wrong in his article “Today’s Hero”

Today’s hero by Cyril Almeida

How Cyril Almeida gets it completely wrong in his article “Today’s Hero” (link to the article: … 620 more words

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Hoping for too much

By Minahil K.

“Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” It is hope that seduced the nation into believing that the Peshawar tragedy will be a watershed moment, a game changer, the beginning of a long hard battle against extremism and militancy. 539 more words

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Land of the living dead

By Abdulla Wasti

On January 4, 2011, alleged blasphemer Salman Taseer was shot and killed by a ‘soldier of Islam’; Mumtaz Qadri had restored the pride of our beloved Prophet (P.B.UH). 333 more words

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Let go of the past


The debate about redefining Pakistan’s ideology is a phenomenon that has only surfaced quite recently and almost every other author is reaping benefits of fame by bashing the existence of Pakistan. 424 more words

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Whose agenda is it anyway?

By Ghalib Sultan

Whatever the army’s detractors might say about the its past involvement in politics or its much criticized strategic depth policy when it came to differentiating between militant organizations, the fact of the matter is that it is the only state organ that has exhibited intent and desire to steer Pakistan  out of the mess it finds itself in. 402 more words

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By ZoneAsia-Pk

Pakistan has officially and clearly indicated that India is involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. The Pakistan Army Chief is said to have personally handed over a dossier to the US during his visit to the US. 298 more words