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Change is possible but not easy

Winds of change are now blowing across the landscape of Pakistan. The corrupt are being caught by the forces led by General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff, (COAS) and many are trying to escape to safer foreign shores where they have amassed mountains of dollars and pounds. 1,036 more words

Bellicose Neighbours

By Moiz Agha

The ‘Hindutva’ and the ‘Fortress of Islam’ have, for quite some time now, been treading a dangerous road which appears to be leading to a head on collision between the two nuclear powers of the Sub-continent. 1,021 more words

Pakistani Army

Pakistan Soldier Killed In Taliban Army Bunker Attack

A Pakistani soldier has been shot and killed by a Taliban gunman, following an attack on an army bunker in the country’s northwest. 192 more words


Hindustan Times - What ails 'resilient but stretched' Afghan forces? Taliban onslaught, IS footprint, Foreign jihadists

Kabul, 23 June 2015. Afghan security forces are “undeniably stretched” but resilient amid a push by the Taliban for more territory and concerns that Islamic State militants are seeking a foothold in the country, the United Nations envoy to Afghanistan has said. 588 more words


General Raheel Sharif spent entire day with troops in Khyber Agency

General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff spent entire day with troops and tribals in Khyber Agency today. He first visited Jawaro near Pak-Afghan border and reviewed the progress of ongoing operation in its concluding phase. 31 more words


Fairs Strange Logic

By now Ms Christine Fair has more or less branded herself as India’s champion. Whether this is out of a new love for India and Indians or some other more pragmatic reason is something to wonder about but her agenda is clear. 125 more words

Pakistani Army


Much is being read into the recent so called ‘macho’ speech of the Co Chairman of the PPP. Some analysts are calling it some kind of a gauntlet thrown at the ‘establishment’ which they think and hope will be picked up so that fireworks can start. 72 more words