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Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, 1817 (Book Review # 2)

I Love Jane Austen as a person in general and the fact that I admire her courage to write at her time, considering her situation, puts me in a harder position in reviewing her work. 53 more words

Book Review

Funny how coming out into society in the 18th century has so many similarities to going to high school in the 21st! Poor Catherine! *Illustration by C.E. Brock

Notebook Thoughts

Newbury Acres (a modern retelling of Austen's Northanger Abbey) by Sarah Price

Today, I am hosting another of my fellow Austen Authors, Sarah Price. Sarah is one of the “queens” of Amish literature, and she often mixes it with a bit of Jane Austen.  860 more words

Jane Austen

March 2017 meeting: Northanger Abbey (Part 2)

While the first 19 chapters of Northanger Abbey, which we discussed in February, engendered good-humoured but spirited disagreement, our discussion of the concluding chapters (20 to 31) found a greater alignment of opinion, particularly regarding our enjoyment of the novel. 1,480 more words

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Life Letter

Dear friends,

I have decided to give up Netflix for lent. Yikes, it has been rough. I’m not Catholic but I do usually participate in lent because sometimes its good just to take a break from something that consumes time. 445 more words

Review: Northanger Abbey 

Novel by Jane Austen


Short: A young woman obsessed with Gothic novels goes on a socializing holiday with her rich neighbors, befriends two families and almost allows her naivety to ruin her life. 229 more words

My Favorite Quotes: Jane Austen

Jane Austen is my favorite author. Yes, I’m a total cliche (English degree, owns all the film versions of Pride and Prejudice, knows random Regency facts, etc.) but I love everything about her books!  697 more words