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I Love Weed (CA)

Far up North in California, resting beneath the shadow of Mt Shasta, lies the little town of Weed. Never ones to pass up a town with a funny name, my friends and I decided to stop by and pay Weed a visit on our way up to Oregon… 209 more words



I’m turning 29 tomorrow. Sometimes I don’t always feel as old as I am, even though 29 is not old at all.


Compared to my 23 year old husband, it’s quite a bit of a difference. 430 more words


California Mugs

I’m not a big collector of things, but I do have a great love for the beautiful state of California. So I decided to collect California themed mugs because I already have two… 75 more words


Cool Off Locations in Northern, CA #recordheat #hotweather

Remember when it is hot you can go to the local shopping mall, library, the movies, restaurants. Here is a list of places for older adults and people with disabilities to cool off on hot days in Northern California. 267 more words

Health Tips

Beer Here...Beer There...Beer Everywhere

I have done pretty well trying different beers and really TRYING not to favor and be honest about how I am rating them…rate…rate what you say? 812 more words

Mother's Day in Los Gatos

Today I disconnected myself from my phone and everything going on in the world. A picnic at Vasona park was just what we needed today! We love coming here because there is so much to do for all of us… train rides, carousel, playgrounds, lake with rental boats, and ice cream truck! 60 more words

Kidnapped by Aliens

Seriously…I was…and they looked kinda like Spock…or maybe Chewie…oh wait…okay…not. Haven’t posted here in many many months. Still here on planet earth…still drinking sours…even if just occasionally cuz I am pretty picky it seems. 419 more words