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I began researching ingredients that are supposed to “improve” fertility. Since We wanted to get pregnant right away, being the researcher that I am, I scoured the internet for anything I could find that could be healthy to try. 264 more words


Pregnant. We couldn’t be anymore excited and nervous. We wanted a honeymoon baby and got pretty close to it. Even after living apart for a month. 203 more words


Ace Cider (California Cider Co) Sebastopol, Ca

By far some of our favorite hard ciders that we have tried are from Ace Cider, and we have tried many different ones.  My husband prefers the Pear Ciders.   73 more words

I think the top things people hate doing are cleaning and moving. You start to realize how much crap you have and realize you never even missed half the stuff you didn’t even know you had. 720 more words


I Love Weed (CA)

Far up North in California, resting beneath the shadow of Mt Shasta, lies the little town of Weed. Never ones to pass up a town with a funny name, my friends and I decided to stop by and pay Weed a visit on our way up to Oregon… 209 more words


I’m turning 29 tomorrow. Sometimes I don’t always feel as old as I am, even though 29 is not old at all.


Compared to my 23 year old husband, it’s quite a bit of a difference. 430 more words


California Mugs

I’m not a big collector of things, but I do have a great love for the beautiful state of California. So I decided to collect California themed mugs because I already have two… 75 more words