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Berberis First Wiring

This berberis was ready for it’s first wiring. I wanted to give it a first wiring last year but it budded out before I got near it. 72 more words


Israel To Build 500 New Settlements In East Belfast

The Israeli government has announced it will build 500 new settlements in East Belfast. The decision comes as Northern Ireland’s political dysfunction has brought government to a standstill. 157 more words


Nobody knows the Troubles they’ve seen

No trip to Belfast would be complete without learning more about the deep, rich and often painful history of Northern Ireland. It’s a complicated interplay among the North, the Republic of Ireland and England that stretches back centuries. 704 more words

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Cuba: A New Future? – Máedóc Ellis, Northern Ireland/UK

On November 25th, 2016, the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro took his last breath. As the island community mourned his loss, eyes from around the world turned to the Caribbean nation to ask – what legacy has Fidel left for his brother and his people? 876 more words

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The UKSC Ruling on Article 50 and the Future of Northern Ireland

So the GFA and the subsequent agreements based on it were a way of guaranteeing (to the unionists) that NI would stay within the UK but also of guaranteeing to the Irish nationalist people that while they had to stay in (for them) the wrong country, their identity would be respected and NI would be linked to the RoI through a series of cross border talking shops and the role of the RoI state as a guarantor of the GFA. 454 more words


Ballyfounder and Killydressy

Today I’m giving you two townlands for the price of one.  In recent posts I have followed the Ballyfounder Road out of Portaferry town and through the rural townlands of… 286 more words


How to organise your office!

Is your desk always messy? Are you getting frustrated with missing items? Maybe it’s time to organise your desk. 305 more words

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