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A la famiglia! My inspiration for starting this blog.

I must confess that I come from a long line of excellent cooks.  I am embarrassed to admit I am the break in that line.  My cooking is a fluke, if not, non-existent at times.   157 more words

Cooking Salsa Alla Bolognese (Bolognese Sauce)

Salsa Alla Bolognese Ingredients

Prosciutto Cooking In Butter

Veggies Cut, Spices Measured & Wine Poured

Veggies In The Pot

Mushrooms & Meat Join In

All Mixed Up… 295 more words


Making Polpa Al Pomodoro (Tomato Pulp)

Box Of Tomatoes & Boiling Water

Cutting Board Next To Sink

Squeezed Tomato Receptacles

Scored Tomatoes

Tomatoes In Boiling Water

Boiled Tomatoes

Skin Removed

Squeezed Tomatoes… 379 more words


Cooking Gnocchi

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Weekend. I helped plan for, cook for and throw a birthday party for our one-year-old, took a bit of relaxing time and then helped friends dig mud out of their pool after some flooding last year. 823 more words


My Italian 'EAT'ster

A photo montage of Easter with the Italians…

During dessert, we sipped on Prosecco and enjoyed any last bits of sweets that we could fit into our tummies. 137 more words


Trofie Pesto con Fagiolini aka Pasta with Pesto and Greenbeans

“Genoese” Style Pesto

For 4 people:

  • 100g French Green Beans
  • Two sliced potatoes
  • Four bunches of basil
  • Two garlic cloves
  • One tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese…
  • 116 more words

A food journey through Italy: Part IV

Filled Pasta

Yes, we are going to talk more about pasta. I mean we are discussing Italy here people and pasta is very prevalent. This time though, we will talk about the lovely filled pasta. 1,794 more words