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The Art of Incredible Nature in The Arctic Sky

Tromsø, the biggest town in Northern Norway, AKA the Paris of the North are lively and colorful. Fjellheisen lift in Tromsø that’s possibly the most spectacular viewpoint anywhere north of the Arctic Circle!

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The other light

Our primary goal for the trip to Northern Norway was to find the Aurora borealis. With success as can be seen in the previous posts. But of course, there was also another light, day light. 97 more words


Lady Aurora

One of the many perks of being at home in Vesterålen up north in Norway, is the northern lights. I went for a walk to the grocery store in the evening last night, and then out of the blue – or rather the dark starry sky, came a thin sliver of green light. 70 more words


Wondering what I am up to? Check this out :)

Ps: I now have my visa and passport – Russia next!


Day 19 Lyngenalps to Tromsø 

On our last day in Norway we sadly had to leave our lovely little house in Åroybukt to drive back to Tromsø. 161 more words


Day 18 Aurora Borealis 

Our expectations for Tuesday night were kinda high as the aurora forecast was extremely good and the skies were clear. 86 more words