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Snowstorm in May...

The forecast said it would snow. And it snowed. Too much if you asked me. But sometimes its ok to have some luck…

There were some patches of blue sky over Tromsø. 307 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 154

Sitting by the window in my favorite café, reading a book and listening to music, a realization hit me so hard.
You need to be a friend to yourself to actually enjoy life. 46 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 151

Today I came across this poem I wrote a while ago.

Castle of illusion came tumbling down,
Brick by brick, stone by stone
There I lay hit by the storm… 66 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 141

Today has been very beautiful. It’s amazing how life works. I am happier than ever. We have been through so much but it feels like the right time has come. 53 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 137

The sound of the river is so calming.  I realized that if I sit there listening to that sound, I would forget all my woes. We walked all the way to the river along the coast. 100 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 134

We didn’t sleep a wink last night. We went to see off our friend to the busstop. We went for a walk early morning.  It was so enchanting to see morning sky and sunrise after ages. 57 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 133

Last evening we got a chance to witness the most beautiful sunset. It looked like the key to happiness. Today has been beautiful as well. Here is a sneakpeak.