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Countdown to the brighter notes

3 more days and the sun comes back. We’re blessed with the view like this lately.

Oh! Isn’t it exciting? It’s been two months since I have seen the sun and I am going crazy now. 72 more words


Polar nights

I had a chance to witness an amazing morning light. Thanks to my supervisor for arranging an early morning meeting.

The most beautiful thing about polar nights is the hint of sunlight in the horizon that makes the whole sky spread in the shades of pink! 16 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 361

I realized today that I have stopped stressing out over things. I don’t claim that I am easy going and chill but something changed. I don’t overthink about little stuffs that used to bother me a lot before for example, replaying past mistakes and feeling guilty. 108 more words


Bodø - your gateway to great experiences

Bodø is one of the main cities in Northern Norway with its 50 000 inhabitants. Not only do they have a football team in the top league of Norwegian men’s football (at least for another few weeks, nobody knows the results of the season yet!), but Bodø also has a great deal to offer. 276 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 320

He got me this book ‘The book thief’ by Markus Zusak from a library free book giveaway!

You won’t believe how happy I got! I had to leave behind this book half read when I moved to Tromsø two years ago. 29 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 315

Today has been the Magic day!

We were at our favourite hangout and we met couple of Magic enthusiasts! I played against someone who later helped me restructure my deck a bit by lending her cards. 9 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 313

A friend sent me this link yesterday. This person makes very intense art about mental illnesses! I found this very powerful.