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Every day at college, we have advice handed to us:

‘You have to love dance to stick at it’, ‘You don’t have to love dancing every day of the week, it’s just a job, people have this ‘passion complex’ as dancers, that I don’t invest in’, ‘Show me your passion, that’s what people look for’, ‘You know what you should be doing to improve and be successful, why don’t you do it?’, ‘Being a dancer isn’t about pushing and pushing yourself until you break, it’s about doing what’s healthy for your body and your mind’… 437 more words


Not knowing my limitations has recently led to me spending the majority of my spare time lying on my back in ‘constructive rest’, staring at the ceiling wondering how long I can expect to feel like this and when I can get back to dancing properly without the delayed pain that often doesn’t set in until later in the day. 671 more words