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Houdini the Owl

Meet the elusive Houdini. I have been monitoring this owl for about 5 years now. Normally we find the birds, offer them prey and if they are nesting will fly to their nest, or young, or mate… This is how you define a spotted owls territory and thus are able to protect it from nearby logging. 43 more words

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Holm Owl

This guy. Ive been chasing him around for about five years, but this year I finally found him. He lives in a nice patch of old growth Douglas-fir forest on the Mad River.

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Feds eye more protection for northern spotted owls

Logging and post-fire salvage, along with competion from barred owls, still seen as key threats

Staff Report

FRISCO — Dinged by a double whammy of continued habitat loss and interspecies competition, the Pacific Northwest’s… 713 more words


Paper Of The Week: Loehle et al. 2015. Range-wide analysis of northern spotted owl nesting habitat relations

For my choice of paper of the week this week, I’ve selected one on species distribution modelling (SDM). SDM is becoming increasingly widely used in management and conservation, and it is often seen as a cheaper and faster alternative to conducting dedicated surveys to look for a specific species in hard-to-reach parts of the world. 274 more words


Face to Face with an Endangered Species

Listening to birds is one of the things I love about being outdoors, especially when I’m hiking alone. In spring, the avian chorus is at its peak during nesting season. 221 more words


Baby Owls!

Meet my friend HU563. Ive known her for close to 10 years now. She resides right on the edge of the forest in the Fortuna area. 252 more words

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Sleeping Owl

I am proud of this one. While conducting follow-up visits for Northern Spotted Owls, we often only find one of a mating pair, or none at all. 107 more words

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