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Editorial: Government kills owls to save owls

Sometimes the Endangered Species Act looks less like a law written with good intentions and more like a measure dreamed up by Lewis Carroll. That’s certainly true of efforts to save the northern spotted owl, as an opinion from the federal 9th U.S. 42 more words


Court approves killing barred owls for spotted owl protection

The federal government hasn’t violated the law by killing barred owls to protect spotted owls, which are considered threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Killing barred owls to help threatened spotted owls isn’t prohibited by an international treaty aimed at protecting migratory birds, according to a federal appeals court. 13 more words

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Study Blames Marijuana Farms For Poisonings Of Endangered Owls

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Rat poison is contaminating endangered northern spotted owls in California forests, and marijuana farms appear to be to blame, according to a study published Thursday. 222 more words


Elliott Forest in middle of crossroads on timber policy | Opinion |

Spotted owl nests range from southwestern British Columbia southward through the Coast and Cascade ranges of Washington and Oregon, and into northwestern California. Their nests are found primarily in old growth conifer forests. 23 more words

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Biologists: Too soon to know if killing barred owls helps spotted owls

One of the lead researchers acknowledges the “gut-wrenching” dilemma of killing one species to benefit another.

Federal wildlife researchers killed 737 invasive barred owls in 2015-16 in an ongoing experiment to determine if removing them will aid the recovery of Northern spotted owls, the bird whose threatened status was at the center of the Pacific Northwest timber wars. 17 more words

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Banding Northern Spotted Owls to Conserve a Threatened Species

In August 2015, members of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Northern Region Interior Timber Conservation Planning Program assisted in the location, capture and banding of northern spotted owls (NSO). 446 more words

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