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Worth noting and meeting

Raincity – Robert Scales and Kris Krug – activists, communicators, nice guys, operating in the world of self representation from a ‘we’ standpoint. Rare.  Irwin, Executive director of W2. 63 more words

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Northern Voice 09 - afterglow?

What’s the difference between a love-in and an orgy? While I haven’t looked it up on Wikipedia, I suspect the difference is that a love-in involves friends and friends of friends, while an orgy involves interaction with total strangers. 2,087 more words

Citizen Journalism and Olympics

I joined a panel led by Robert Scales and centered around Dr Andy Miah – a freedom of information advocate who want social media at the heart of the Olympics. 157 more words

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The Wrap

What a great event, people have so much support and enthusiasm for it evidenced i believe by the 300 people who registered still being here – the theatre is packed for the last session. 87 more words

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rock and roll photography

Speakers Bev Davis and kris Krug

Why are you taking photos?

1000’s of people have the pictures immediately when you post on flickr.

Provide the pillar on which a scene can be established. 46 more words

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All About New Influentials at Northern Voice 2009

I’m sitting in on an excellent presentation (that is me in the back row, third one in) by Nate Elliott of Forrester Research who is presenting his findings on the New Influentials – Internet users who maintain a weblog or personal homepage, who join in discussions on web message boards, forums, etc. 163 more words