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Jim Ferguson to Assume New Role at Northpoint

The man in charge of curriculum for Mississippi’s largest public school district is poised to take a leadership role as the head of DeSoto County’s largest private school. 91 more words

Topics Of Interest

The Big Bite - 좋은 햄버거와 감자튀김이 있는곳

어제 Mixing bowl을 다녀와서 집에가던중 배가 고파서 여자친구의 친구에게 들은 곳에 가보았습니다.

일단 저희는 홍콩사람 2명분보다는 많이 먹기에... 여자친구 친구가 양이 많다고 말했던것을 살짝 무시하고 버거 2개 + 세트 2개 이렇게 시켰습니다. 22 more words

F*ck Church

Alright, folks.  Here’s your content warning.  This post will likely have copious amounts of swearing.  If that offends your sensibilities, please, and I mean this in the nicest way I can, go away.   839 more words


Northpoint, Week 6

Church really does feel like a hostile environment to me.  It really doesn’t matter which one, it just does.  The minute I walk into the door, I just kind of close off. 376 more words


Community Group

I joined a community group in Austin.

This is a group for men through Northpoint, and it may be that once I’m a little more established in this group I’m going to find greener church pastures.   352 more words


The Why

Also Titled, possibly, “Northpoint, Week 5”.  I liked the ‘SSC’ format, so I think I’ll keep it for now.


I listened to an interesting Youtube video last night.   1,094 more words



Or, Northpoint – week 4.

Today, I was tired, and in really no mood to mess with anyone.  The dancing people directing people into the parking space got a cold stare.   456 more words