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September Wrap Up

I really did not have a good reading month this September…especially compared to the last month. I read a total of two books…I know. Now I was busy so I didn’t expect to read a lot but considering that neither of these books are novels but instead comics I am not happy with myself. 193 more words


Belize- week one

We received an email telling us that the animal import permit was ready, so we packed up and headed for the border.  As soon as we arrived a “border helper” met us and walked us through the steps.   1,186 more words

Three more Mexican states: Villahermosa, Campeche and Yucatan

 After the blockades, rough highways and jungle ruins of Chiapas, we were ready to head for the touristic coastline.  We arrived into the still, humidity of  the city of Villahermosa (located in the state of Villahermosa) late in the evening.   1,115 more words

Pan-American Highway to Palenque

We waited out the roadblock in Ocosingo (see our previous post).  It was an interesting experience and we never felt unsafe at all.  When it cleared and we were done with coffee and granola we hit the highway again.   360 more words

San Cristobal to Palenque - Roadblock! You can't pass by here today!

While we were visiting San Cristobal de las Casas we took our first trip with a tour guide! We paid for a van ride and boat tour of Sumidero Canyon. 1,489 more words

San Cristobal de las Casas, Agua Azul and silly roadblocks!

After the low valleys and ocean roads of Chiapas, we were thrilled to climb into the mountains and experience San Cristobal de las Casas.  This gorgeous mountain town is was once named San Cristobal, but later added the last name of a monk (Bartoleme de las Casas) to honor his work in protecting the Mayans from the Spaniards.   1,214 more words

Chiapas state- A few nights in the capital, Tuxtla!

 Chiapas made us feel nervous.  I will not lie about this fact.  When we traveled across Mexico many years ago, Chiapas was the only state where we encountered a roadblock, a detour and a feeling of uneasiness back then.   463 more words