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Iceman Comes Out

Okay, this may come as a shock, but I’m kind of a nerd. A geek. A drooling idiot when it comes to super heroes. I always have been, and my favorite super heroes were always the X-men. 808 more words


Iceman Is Gay, And I Don't Mean Happy

In the latest comic book publicity stunt, Marvel comics has allowed Brian Michael Bendis to “out” the Bobby “Iceman” Drake character as gay. This has been met with some mixed reviews to say the least, and while Bendis maintains on his twitter account that he didn’t want any “press” or “sensational headlines”, I find that very hard to believe. 805 more words


James' Journey Blog Tour Day #2- The Complex Story of the Famed 'Underground Railroad'

Being a part of Bibliophile’s Workshop’s many different blog tours, will give you the opportunity to read various novels, spanning many genres and writing styles, along with helping share new, promising titles with readers all across the internet. 1,280 more words

A to Z: Northstar

Northstar is another Marvel hero, originally of the Canadian team Alpha Flight, later of the X-Men. His powers have to do with superspeed, but without the mystical associations of the Flash. 305 more words

Pop Culture

Pulp Figures

Northstar have started to stock the fabulous Pulp Figures Range.

Here are my first painted attempts. These are from the Heroes and Personalities Range.

Firstly some Russian Agents

And a brilliant film crew


Presenting Our New Stainless Steel Retro Refrigerator and “Painless” Quicksilver Finish

Stainless steel has been an everlasting trend for kitchens for decades. Homeowners enjoy the clean, modern look of stainless steel, along with its design flexibility. Well, we have put a slight twist on this traditional trend – introducing the Model 1950FTSS refrigerator! 268 more words