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Lago Zirahuen- a few days at the lake!

Upon suggestion from other travelers and a person that lives in Michoacan, we decided that Lago Zirahuen might be a good destination.  It has been a long time since we aired up the stand-up-paddleboard and this lake seemed like a possibility to use the board!   717 more words

Patzcuaro and Isla Janitzeo

Visiting Patzcuaro felt a little bit like camping at a farm! The place we chose to stay had a wide variety of farm animals roaming free on the large property. 1,046 more words

Teotihuacan- pyramids from our past

Teotihuacan is one of those places that we visited briefly when we passed through in 2001.   Coming back this time meant spending more time in the community and at the archeological site. 545 more words

Canada 150: The Top 5 Canadian superheroes

Imagine the following scenario: a strange portal opens in the skies above Toronto, depositing a swarm of alien invaders. Or a giant meteor is spotted descending on Vancouver. 394 more words


Media Luna-

Near the town of Rio Verde in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico there is a strange phenomenon.   As you drive towards it you can feel the desert temperatures climb, and then the humidity begins to rise.   380 more words

In the cool mountains of Mexico

After a great time exploring the abandoned mining area and the wonderful pueblo of Mineral de Pozos we were ready for a change.  We left the high desert and headed up into the mountains.   464 more words

Junos Telemetry

Hi All

Recently I attended a Juniper workshop in their London office and heard about Junos Telemetry concept which was really a new one for me and I quite liked it. 538 more words