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NSFWL: Out of Control Female Attacks Snowboarder @ NORTHSTAR

@worldstar @worldstar @worldstar closing day tomorrow!

A post shared by Alex de Guzman (@deguzmanalex) on Apr 22, 2017 at 9:09pm PDT

I have no idea what lead up to this, but violence is never an acceptable answer to on hill disputes.

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We stumbled upon a music festival!

Somewhere outside of Durango, Mexico we crossed another geographic milestone.  This is a first for the new camper rig.  

Driving into Zacatecas we knew that we were in for a treat.   719 more words


News Roundup: Confirmed


Gaper Day Northstar 2017

April 1st. April fool’s Day.

A day known for people to play jokes and pranks on their friends ranging from small “swap the Oreo cream with toothpaste” pranks to large “fill their car with ping pong balls” pranks. 214 more words

A different look at Mazatlan (electrifying)

Mazatlan is probably viewed by most people as a resort town, a tourist destination and a cruise ship stopover.  But we managed to experience Mazatlan very differently.    1,213 more words

Spotlight on the Alternative Education Movement: North Star

I want to highlight various schooling models, one each in short blog posts. I’ll include the type of school it is, where it is, it’s website, an explanation along with my thoughts or maybe/hopefully an interview. 1,710 more words

If you liked the drivers side artwork, check this out....

Stripping the original decals off of the passenger side took a little longer.  Those little grey stickers were harder to get off.  There were also more windows, openings and issues to work around.      288 more words