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Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts Projected Opening Dates

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Projected Opening Dates – Conditions Permitting 95 more words

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4 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Titanfalls

In the combat of Titanfall 2 and especially in the multiplayer, there is nothing worse than finally getting your Titan mech, climbing into the cockpit and then getting blasted to smithereens by enemy Titans or Pilots before you even get a chance to fight back. 575 more words

It's A Good Day When.

One work colleague gives me a copy of the issue of X-Men where Northstar gets married (one of the writers is Marjorie Liu of Monstress, whom I love) and another work colleague compliments my nails (painted) with offers to bring in more colours for me to try out. 25 more words

'Titanfall 2' Titan Guide : Northstar


*The Northstar has high damage dealing capabilities but is slow to fire due to the type of weapon it utilises.

*This Titan has low health as it is designed more as a sniper class or a skirmisher that uses its light chassis and speed to its advantage. 531 more words

NorthStar Navigation Cube for Braava Floor Mopping Robot

NorthStar Navigation Cube for Braava Floor Mopping Robot

Set up a separate cleaning area for Braava 320 or extend your cleaning coverage area for Braava 380 with an additional NorthStar Navigation Cube – Channel 2… 13 more words