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Top 5 Debt Collection Companies in Buffalo

There are many debt collection companies out there and the industry in general doesn’t have the best reputation. However, they’re not going away anytime soon. There are around 30 million Americans that have at least one debt in collections, and Western New York has not escaped this. 875 more words

Campaign Diary #3: The hunt continues!

Our gang of 7 fledgling mercenaries continues tracking the boar through the dense pine forest known as the Shadow Groves.

A hearty debate takes place as they follow the tracks of the regular boar (the ones that follow the Ghost Boar) through the forest. 1,242 more words

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BOUNCE'S BREAKDOWN: Girls hoops 3A Sectional 21

Class 3A heads to West Noble for the fourth of four area Sectionals in the class. This one could be just as wide open as the others. 756 more words


Campaign Diary: #2

The gang gets together and reaches a consensus on naming their new-formed company.

“The Curios Company” is open for business!

Having accepted a job from a well-to-do gentleman of NorthWood, Thelray Cavius to recover a beast of legendary quality, a Ghost Boar! 1,220 more words

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My dear Uncle Ron didn’t appreciate chaos but whenever he spoke of ‘choss’ (same thing) he always had a smile on his face. He’d be loving it, in England, now. 236 more words

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Campaign Crunch: New #1*

Ok, so we’re re-starting the numbering of the Campaign Crunch posts. We realized that it’s going to be confusing if they don’t match up to the campaign diary they correspond to.  398 more words

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Campaign Diary: Episode #1

Our group of five new friends: Torrik (angsty teenaged dwarf), Gax (big loveable human sorcerer that makes end meet like a bard), Magnus (Shy human artificer from Bard’s Harbor, the next largest city in the Northern Reach after NorthWood), Sidron (a spell slinging 1/2 hobgoblin wizard), and Zattera (an olive skinned human pirate who has sailed northward and into adventure) have spent the last 11 or so days scraping by. 1,218 more words

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