The Bladensburg Races

As the British marched on Washington during the War of 1812, John Norvell and his brother-in-law Spencer Cone joined the fight to defend the nation’s Capital.   423 more words

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Henry Clay Comes for Visit

In looking at family history, sometimes only a fleeting glimpse of a person appears that illuminates their lives.

One such story deals with Aduella Price Norvell (born May 23, 1820 -died September 1909 in Petersburg, Virginia).   465 more words

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My Grandfather and the Great Depression

Next to the Civil War, the Great Depression was the single most major event in American history that impacted nearly all Americans.   John Steinbeck wrote the story of the “Okies” who lost their land and were forced to move west to sustain their families, but they were only part of the story of this event.   553 more words

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Windows What?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against technology.

I flew F4s, the technologically most advanced aircraft in the early 1970s. So over the years, I have learned a lot about tweaking new technology.   748 more words

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Freeman Norvell and The Detroit Free Press

Although his time during the Civil War was marked by controversy, in the years after the war things seemed to settle down.  About 1866, my great-grandfather Colonel Freeman Norvell and his brother-in-law, Henry Nelson Walker assumed the ownership of the Detroit… 489 more words

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Flying the F4 E aircraft in Alaska was especially challenging, given the unforgiving terrain and the wide range of termpertures that the birds operated under.  The winter of 1970-71  was the first winter that the F-4E aircraft were exposed to such an extreme climate. 532 more words

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At the Wall

In the 1980s we moved to the Washington DC area and lived there nearly 9 years.

It was almost inevitable that I would visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as “The Wall.”  One of my ROTC instructors at Hobart College had died in Vietnam – Major Theodore “Ted” Shorack in 1966, and a good friend of mine Pvt James Kirkby was killed on an Army patrol in South Vietnam about 1970. 447 more words

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