In search of the perfect tree

My father was not noted for his patience or his ability to pick Christmas trees.

His trees were seldom picture perfect.   Some were lopsided, some had missing branches, some were trees in name only, having dropped most of their needles before we got them home.   555 more words

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The Strangest Thanksgiving Ever!

Everyone has a mental image of Thanksgiving that is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting: the family around the table, Dad carving the turkey, the children beautifully dressed and smiling. 537 more words

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Scary Movies

It’s our custom at Halloween to watch old scary movies. Not the gory ones that masquerade as scary but the ones that play with your mind– the classics: … 577 more words

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In Search of the Haunted Tombstone

50 years ago this October several of my friends and I went in search of a haunted tombstone.

It was October 1964 and we were juniors at Hobart College in Geneva, N.Y. 755 more words

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My focus on Gettysburg this fall has brought to mind, especially at this time of year, the many stories that say the battlefield is haunted. 540 more words

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Off we go...

I was thinking back to the first time I ever took off in an F4 fighter.

The F4 Phantom II was the primary Air Force fighter of the Vietnam War.   641 more words

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Gettysburg -- Some thoughts II

Gettysburg today is considered to be the decisive battle in the Civil War.   And that is what 19th century commanders strived for– the one big knock out punch that removed the enemy from the field. 523 more words

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