November 1965

When I was a college student,  November seemed to have a significant event each year.

1962  End of the Cuban Missile Crisis

1963  Death of John F. 513 more words

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The Flame Motel and other horrors

During my 23 years in the Air Force, I moved 9 times. Most moves were uneventful, but every now and then…

In 1973 as we traveled across Texas it was late at night when we finally stopped.   480 more words

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At Sleepy Hollow

For many years, after we moved back to New York, we wanted to visit Sleepy Hollow at Halloween time.  It probably has to do mostly with the Disney movie version of Washington Irving’s… 452 more words

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Fixing the Car

My grandfather often told of the times in the 1920s, when he was a young man and a good mechanic. Here’s a story of how his children helped him and he had to fix the car. 446 more words

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Tales and Tails of the Hospital

My sister, Linda,  near the end of her life spent a great deal of time in the hospital, and not because she was a nurse. 538 more words

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Close Encounters of the Deer Kind

Living in upstate New York, I have recently discovered, nearly every person has a story to tell of hitting a deer, or two or three.  (Actually numbers show that 80,262 people hit deer in recent years in New York.) 561 more words

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The Stevens Thompson Norvell (S) - A Michigan Legacy

Some families have names that seem to be handed down from one generation to the next , such was Stevens Thompson Norvell. Stevens rather than Steven or Stephen might seem to be an odd first name; well there is a reason for this. 629 more words

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