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"On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it."

Hello all!

I’ve been falling behind on my posts, but I figured since I have a few minutes now, I can tell you about my two day roadtrip in Norway. 162 more words


In the North

This is what we’re used to do as big mountain skiers: in the North, to go in the North. It’s not a case we always go to Switzerland, from Italy, not to buy anymore chocolate but to go skiing in the poudreuse. 91 more words

Around The World

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A Sign of Fluency?

I’ve yet to reach the point where I can seamlessly switch from speaking English to speaking Norwegian. Where I can confidently answer and chat in the language of the country I now call home. 341 more words


Pescestocco - an Italian tradition for centuries

Also known as Pescestoccu by my Sicilian father of Stocca Fisso in other dialects,  it is simply a codfish that has been dried in the sun until it achieves the consistency of a piece of wood! 596 more words

Greenville, SC

Similar... But Different

The first time I heard the Norwegian word “skjærtorsdag” around this time of year I thought it had something to do with yeast though for the life of me I couldn’t understand what the connection between yeast and Easter was. 603 more words


Give it all away

“Get a free sample of our new mascara!”

Commercials all around us. Giveaway blogs. For many of our waking hours, we are bombadeded with tips and free samples that will make our lives better. 935 more words