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Lofoten Norway: Day One

Lofoten is a stunning archipelago off of the northern coast of Norway. Maria, Margit and I made the trip to Leknes (an island near the southern tip of Lofoten) to visit our crazy cool Northern-Norwegian friend, Vigdis. 197 more words


The fog

We have reached the top of the mountain, and are preparing to walk down again. There is only one problem:  Fog is enveloping the mountain, making it difficult to orient ourselves as we start making our way back. 389 more words


Drag & Drop Shopping at BOUTIQUE DVD

Hi Everyone,

Today, I just want to share with you latest achievement a Drag & Drop BOUTIQUE DVD .

You can experience an easy drag & drop of the products to buy them as you normally do while going shopping in physical store. 57 more words


Where were you when...?

I will start my posts, updates and occasional rants about post-Brexit Britain, by saying where the Philososloth was at the time of the referendum six weeks ago. 517 more words


Hills, Mud and Blueberries

This past Saturday the Man and I decided to head for the woods to pick some blueberries. The day was overcast but the prospect of fresh berries for the ice cream in our freezer was too tempting to pass up. 165 more words

The Legacy of Olav and Nidaros

“Olsok (literally “Olaf’s Wake” or “Olaf’s Vigil” – that is the eve of St. Olaf’s Day) is now the Norwegian name for 29 July, traditionally the date of the death of King Olaf II Haraldsson of Norway, in the Battle of Stiklestad, east of Nidaros (Trondheim), Norway, in 1030.

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Norway Is Closed

As July comes to an end you’ll notice some stores that have been closed for what may seem like ages, will throw open their doors, ready to welcome you back again. 144 more words