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Another new supporter!

All climbers know the feeling. You open your eyes to see canvas above you – you’re in your tent. You’ve slept in late to recover, because you’ve just come down from an absolute epic. 299 more words


Norway. Episode 2. Conquer the Glacier.

Jostedal Glacier – cold and white like a huge brik of  ice-cream. Even though from year to year its melting down, it still remains the largest glacier in continental Europe with a total area of 497 square km (quite a huge icecream(I scream!!!) I would say. 424 more words


Oslo: an afternoon of the free things 

After a morning of museums in Oslo (discussed in a previous Blog Post) and a rather pricey lunch at a cafe, Lucas and I headed to… 309 more words


Nærøyfjord, Norway (July 2014)

Nærøyfjord means “Narrow Fjord”, and it’s named that for good reason. The walls rise 1400m above the water, and some parts of the fjord are only 500m wide. 136 more words


Week 2: Førde (Sognefjord and Stalheimskleiva)

After the accident landed me in hospital I decided to stay in Norway for an additional 2 weeks to recover and rest my leg as instructed by the doctors. 175 more words


Bergen, Norway (July 2014)

Bergen was my first stop in Norway. What a delightful little coastal town! A lot of people stay here or in Stavanger as a “home base” to begin their fjord adventures. 129 more words


Week 1: Myrdal to Flåm (First Try), Norway

On the way from Evanger to Myrdal:

Myrdal to Flåm

There is a famous train ride connecting Myrdal (at 866 metres above the sea) and Flåm (2m). 171 more words