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I’m sitting in my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn this morning, having already been up for hours because of jet lag, and I’m basically just marveling at the ground I’ve covered in the last several weeks. 343 more words


Saturday's journal: Scandinavia part 3

Alright today, we are going to Oslo, Norway from Stockholm, Sweden by the tour bus. Well, do you know how much time does it take to arrive in Oslo, Norway? 571 more words


Noorwegen, Norway: Noruega for my mom

When I was a child, we had a tradition, my mom and me. On a regular lazy weekend afternoon, we would pass on a piece of paper back and forth in which we would draft down little notes to each other. 1,296 more words


The Battle to Leave #Nordkapp! - Part 2

Finally we are reaching a conclusion to this appalling story of recovery and Insurance companies Carol Nash and AXA Assistance.  The following is an email I sent this morning to the ‘senior manager’ handling my claim.   545 more words

Europe 2017 Planning

Land of the Midnight Sun

Norwegian Sun!

As always happens, part of the interest, intrigue, and color of a cruise or travel, is getting to meet new people. Just like my third grade home room class, our group has the usual mixture of quiet-mysterious types, the don’t-quite-get-it types, the butterfly-chasing-daisy-picking types, the know-it-all-and-share-it-all types, the-commentator types, the moaners, the groaners, the loners, the drinkers, the thinkers and the stinkers; people you’d like to get to know better and the ones you are delighted to leave behind. 465 more words