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Ingebjørg Bratland: Berre meg (Just Me)

Listening Post 10. Perusing the bleak scenes at Oslo’s Munch Museum, you can be forgiven for thinking that Norway’s most renowned painter worked only in winter. 201 more words


norway photos: part 1, Oslo!

Three months ago, I was wandering around beautiful Norway with my sister. What we saw of the country left me in such a state of awe, from the fluent English to the architecture & design to the unbelievably unspoiled landscapes. 125 more words


A Metropolitan City Girl in Oslo, Norway - Scandinavia Adventure Begins

As I am typing this it’s pouring outside and I am tightly rolled up into my oh-so snugly blanket. I have been staying in Oslo, Norway for only three weeks and it’s been surreal. 533 more words


September Is Here 🍁

Good evening,

My favorite month is here, and I love it♡ I just finished my post-workout meal, which was protein pancakes. It was really good, and I topped them of with some blueberry jam … mmm ♡ Well, it’s been a long day. 22 more words


Blu-ray BOX | Acquitted (Frikjent) - 2015

“Frikjent” is a Norwegian tv-series with “Acquitted” as the international title. 20 years ago, Aksel’s girlfriend got killed in a mysterious way and however Aksel was acquitted, everyone thought he was the guilty one. 76 more words


Norwegian course I

Even though most Norwegians are fluent in English and will often even reply to you in English if you try to speak Norwegian, it’s always good to know some basics! 91 more words


A changed attitude towards language learning

Today, I realised that I had not updated the ‘Norwegian language challenge’ page in months. This mainly concerned how much Norwegian I have read: twelve chapters of the fifth Harry Potter book since I had last updated the page. 390 more words