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Norway B4,mnh.michel 162. Norwegian Radium Hospital,1931.

Norway B4,mnh.michel 162. Norwegian Radium Hospital,1931.
Norway B 4, MNH. Michel 162. Norwegian Radium Hospital, 1931.The Scans Used For My Images Are From My Picture’s Library And Sometimes Don’t Apply To The Actual Item. 127 more words


Norwegian Radio Shocker

So, as I told you yesterday, we got a new car. This car does not have anything particularly fancy in the dashboard console department, unless you consider an ashtray fancy, which I do, because you just can’t find a car with a good ashtray anymore. 280 more words



Egil comes from an Old Norse name, a variant spelling of Egill which comes from Proto-Germanic Agilaz. It derives from Old Norse element ag meaning “edge (of a sword)” or “blade” or  92 more words


Ny Bil! (New Car!)

We are officially the owners of a station wagon. While it doesn’t have wood paneling, isn’t avocado green, and looks more like a bullet than a box, it is definitely a family car. 165 more words


From Teacher to Student - Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kathryn and I am a former school teacher. Leaving the stressful teaching profession and entering the world of educational research gave me more time to pursue my hobbies and passions- the biggest of these being learning Norwegian. 356 more words


Then midnight comes

Er et minne noe du har, eller noe du har mistet?
Minner er dagboken vi alle bærer med oss.



Vi to bør ikke ha hemmeligheter for hverandre.
Han gjorde alt i hemmelighet.