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Dosage: (Note: It looks like noscapine may not be available in the UK. It’s available in Ireland with a prescription and in the Netherlands over-the-counter.) 638 more words

Noscapine availability and avoiding gynecomastia

Questions Called in to the Ask Dr. Barken Show:

1. Where can I get Noscapine in the United States?
2. For patients on Sequential Androgen Blockade, what… 61 more words

Treatments For Prostate Cancer

Folk Uses of Opium

Medicinal value of opium (Papaver somniferum) is due to its presence of numerous alkaloids. Number of drugs is prepared from opium. Opium alone or along with quinine salts, is used in cases of delirium, spasmodic coughing or spasms. 779 more words

Common Uses

Poppies not that bad

Genes Responsible For Cancer-Fighting Substance In Opium Poppies Discovered (via redOrbit)

Scientists studying opium poppies say that they have pinpointed the genes responsible for producing a compound which can be used as a cough suppressant and cancer-fighting agent. 20 more words

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Scientists Identify Opium Poppy Genes that Make Promising Cancer Drug

The opium poppy is a fertile plant: not only is it the source of illicit heroin and the painkiller morphine, but its derivatives can also be used to make the antidote to overdoses of these drugs, naloxone. 466 more words


Developing New Options for Prostate Cancer Patients

New options for prostate cancer made headlines this week with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the first new prostate cancer drug in four years and a journal report that a natural substance found in cough medicine might be an effective new treatment. 231 more words

Smallcap Value