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Nose Break 101 [a story]

I broke my nose swimming. Yes. Swimming.

I remember it clearly. Summer after 7th grade. I was at the community pool with my mom and sister. 330 more words


I’m having a really hard time these past couple of days and it has to be with the constant weather change.

I’m really sensitive when it comes to climate change but I hasn’t happened before while im in my own country. 678 more words


The Downward Trend Continues

Since I last wrote of my dull day things have showed little improvement. Nothing interesting has sold, nothing interesting has been loaded on eBay and nothing interesting has happened. 332 more words


Nose Bleed

This is actually the only experience I’ve ever had with paranormal activity. Was on a big camping trip with friends at Suwannee River Music Park. Me and my sister had decided to go off and explore some trails around 11:00 at night. 108 more words

Everything Scary

The Room

I’ve moved. I’m finally out of my little two bed flat into my tiny 1 bed room. The landlady is so lovely. I’ve actually been incredibly lucky to get this house and only having to pay half rent for when I’m not even here. 357 more words

$1000 Nose Bleed

This was originally posted in August of 2014.

I wasn’t feeling well when I got home from work Thursday evening. No fever, but my head was stopped up and my voice started sounding like a croaking frog. 1,060 more words