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Nosebleeds Mean You're Possessed!

I often read posts on reddit and one recent post was so damn crazy (but believable), I just had to share.

I was in my church sitting in the back, playing some games with my friend.

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Another Day, Another Plan.

It’s about seven hours since the last post, but I’ve managed to sleep and get Julia to work in that time.

I’m hoping that today will be better in terms of productivity, decluttering and writing. 365 more words

Dedicated Gluten Free: Chicago, IL

Hey, Hey!

Back again to talk about a restaurant I went to while traveling around.

My boyfriend and I went into Chicago during September last year for a day trip considering we had just started school. 342 more words

Celiac Disease

Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

At the moment nearly every morning is proving to be a struggle but at least this morning I was going to be able to have a couple of extra hours in bed due to having an hospital appointment at 9am for my Xolair injections. 789 more words

My Asthma

How To Stop A "Bloody" Nose

The lining of our nose has lots of tiny blood vessels that are necessary to help humidify the air we breathe. Nosebleeds happen because these vessels are extremely fragile and can bleed easily. 1,673 more words


How To Stop A Nosebleed

As summer is approaching, so is warm weather and dry air; which is the most common time for nosebleeds to occur. Nosebleeds happen when a blood vessel in the nose’s soft cartilage leaks. 338 more words

17 April 2017

BSB from Brands Hatch Indy this week

TimN (+8) and Beth (+2) are this week’s golden thoroughbreds while Pob (-6) and Jan (-4) and the shambling donkeys. 44 more words

Motorcycle Racing Fantasy League