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narrowing down

To narrow it down, keep each side of your nose to the grindstone.


nose feelings

Ever get the feeling that noses never leave a grindstone unturned?


A Long and Winding Road

At just over forty thousand words longer than my first novel, the second is not yet near completion. Or is not, as near as I am able to tell at the moment. 140 more words

In Semi-Hibernation

Hi All!

Sorry to be so lame, but the Echocardiography Board Exam is just over a month away, and I am relegating myself into seclusion to cram cram cram.  68 more words


And, it is Finished.

Last night was my last call in-house as a fellow.  Ever.

God was merciful and there were no heart attacks, no dangerously slow heartbeats, no arresting hearts. 57 more words


Best laid schemes…

I get all jumbled up with what I call Americanisms.  I blame it on my immigrant background.  So, how was I to know that “Best laid plans” is actually a paraphrasing of a line from Robert Burns’ poem “To a Mouse”? 245 more words

Nose To Grindstone