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A Smile is Happiness

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.

Tom Wilson


Review : Scottish Leader 'Original'

Realising that consumers nowadays are becoming more and more cognizant of the multitude of genres, brands and expressions, several distilleries/distributors are willing to experiment with brands that might not necessarily come with celeb status, but nevertheless have a proven track record back home. 510 more words



I was chatting with MyMindSpeaksAloud the other day, telling her interesting facts about the Tower of London.   She responded by telling me that people say ‘bless you’ when you sneeze because a long time ago, there was the believe that devils enter through your mouth. 236 more words


Nasal Rhinosporidiosis

Differential Diagnosis of Fungal Sinusitis and Inverted Papilloma: 790 more words


Causes of Itchy Nose

We all experience an itchy nose at times. It can occur for various different reasons and as 993 more words


When to See an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor

Otolaryngologists, or ENT specialists, are responsible for treating any condition that has to do with the ear, nose, and throat, including the region of the head and neck. 444 more words

Sinusitis Testing and Treatment

Sinusitis is a very common condition in which the nasal passages and cavities in and around the nose become inflamed. Sinusitis causes headache, congestion, and pain. 424 more words