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día 17

it’s officially 7 days until my birthday!!!!!! i’m super excited. for today, i wanted to do a reflection on reusing old things. I got this pair of really cute clear glasses but the bridge is too big (i didn’t know that when i got them) and they dig into my nose, causing a slight bruise on my bridge. 152 more words

My Life

How To Contour Your Nose Like A Pro!

Contouring your nose shape is one of the biggest makeup hacks right now! As there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ nose shape… not created by makeup anyway! 561 more words


The Olfactory Nerve

The olfactory nerve (Cranial Nerve I) allows us to have the ability to smell. It is also the shortest cranial nerve and is one of two nerves that does not connect directly with the brainstem. 162 more words

On a Budget? What You Need to Know about Affordable Termite Control

Affordable termite control might be right under your nose. So, call a professional pest and termite control company if you are worrying about termites. Many homeowners wind up investing more in ineffective products purchased off the store shelf than they would in hiring experts for services that are well worth the money. 30 more words

Clarence and Cnut

Have you ever seen a woman fit her entire foot into her nose?


Highlight fan brush

I never knew that this fan brush existed. Every Time I went to ulta, it was always sold out. So about a year ago I found the fan brush at Ulta and bought it, I was so excited to use it. 63 more words


Calily Health Anti-Snoring Nose Vents

If you or your Significant Other snore, these little things might just give you a great nights sleep. I got these for my boyfriend and they come with 2 sets, one that smaller and one that’s larger. 90 more words

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