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Aspects Accoutrements Fuzzy Nose and Glasses Classic Disguise Model

The creator of the paper is a master in the sphere of sex toys industry, and, particularly, sextoys for lesbians. More specified information on sex… 300 more words

Snake of the Day: The Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake!

The Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake is one of four snakes in Texas with the unique, upturned “hog” snout. This shape is beneficial to the snake as it burrows under leaves and dirt to catch toads, its main food source. 77 more words


How’s That Nose Of Yours?

coiled up
inside this

dead mucus
and her

each are relevant, each
has to do with what

just happened
before this incident… 10 more words

The Evolution of Sarah Palin's Nose

We watched the effects of surgery on Michael Jackson.

Maybe somebody will make a similar video of Sarah Palin.  Until then, see this.

Flores-Roux is a nose ahead in the perfume business

Flores-Roux is a nose ahead in the perfume business
I want people to wear perfume and to own it and to express themselves with perfume. Putting it in the air is a waste of money. 28 more words

snout soother

I’ve just recently had to order my fella’s their 2nd container of Snout Soother. I can’t quite remember when we bought our first tin, but I want to say that it lasted us about a year– not bad for $20!   212 more words