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Can dig nostrils cause nostrils to get bigger? Don't dig your nostrils!

We have more or less had the experience of digging nostrils, in many people’s minds, digging nostrils is a “other people look very disgusting, but very good” thing. 425 more words


Totally Normal Features of the Skin: Sebaceous Filaments

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!

When you hang out in skincare communities as much as I do, you eventually see lots of questions about totally normal skin features, such as the one I want to talk about today: sebaceous filaments. 557 more words


Saudia's A330 made emergency landing without nose gear.

On 21 May, a flight between Madinah and Dhaka made an emergency landing at Jeddah’s King Abdul Aziz International airport. The flight was operating by Saudia flight SV3818. 102 more words


Dassault Mirage 5F: A worth the money rhinoplastie.

On this day, but 51 years ago (May 19, 1967), the Mirage 5 prototype took its first flight piloted by Hervé Leprince-Ringuet at Melun-Villaroche, France. The Mirage 5 was born due to an Israeli AF’s request for a cheaper simpler “Mirage III”, an aircraft they successfully operated. 154 more words

He Could Not Tell (a text of Emmanuel Moses translated by Vadim Bystritski)

He could no longer tell in which direction the snow was falling

Sometimes, he even had an impression that it was falling upside down

Was he on drugs? 113 more words

Welp, I'm Nineteen.

Spoiler Alert: This was just as anticlimactic as I expected…

Growing up as an only child with an arguably unhealthy dependence on the acceptance of others (namely her friends) led to two inevitable outcomes: 1,174 more words


Gorilla Nostrils

Why are a gorilla’s nostrils big? Because his fingers are big!

Funny Fact: The scientific name for Western African gorilla is “Gorilla gorilla”. The lowland subspecies are named “Gorilla gorilla gorilla”.