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Treatment for Sinuses

Millions of people suffer from sinus problems.  Sinusitis is one of the most common conditions seen in an ENT doctor’s office, where sinuses treatments will range depending on its cause. 437 more words

Allergy and Immunotherapy

Allergy and immunotherapy in Houston refers to allergy shots and is commonly called allergen immunotherapy.  It is a common treatment for seasonal and environmental allergies, which are common problems in Texas. 465 more words

My nose is broken and it's all the wine experts' fault

Apart from the few eureka moments when I could identify an aroma in a wine, my nose is broken. I remember these episodes vividly, mainly because they are so rare. 505 more words



did I mislearn this business of breathing
the inhale and exhale of gravity
nitrogen oxygen carbon exchanging
identities subject to rote biochemistry
something that ought not require a thought… 129 more words


Busy Buddy

This…this panda is so happy at the prospect of being a dog’s busy buddy / mouth friend.

That face.  That reality-piercing gaze.  It’s hypnotic.  It’s terrifying.   37 more words


They Have Noses But Do Not Smell

Another monastic moment, unspectacular but meaningful. A Psalm popping into my mind explains to me what I have just experienced. Opening the shampoo bottle, about to wash my hair, I smelled the fragrance. 352 more words