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Lines from a comedy?

I came up with some of these things that could be lines from a comedy. Here they are.

WOMAN: (Standing in doorway, with her hand on the doorknob) Fine, Albert! 101 more words


I've gotta get through this

7 days ago: a few days after Thanksgiving.

I use men as validation. A video I recorded on Thanksgiving has the realization. I have to work through why. 287 more words

Sniffing Out Dementia: What Your Nose Can Tell You About Your Brain

Detecting Alzheimer’s disease can be tricky, especially in its earliest stages.  Alzheimer’s is frequently misdiagnosed, due in part to the expensiveness and complexity of the current diagnostic tools. 863 more words


Why we don’t snort sandwiches. . .

I was minding my own business, eating a sandwich when my mom made me laugh.

And I laughed PRECISELY at a time when I was about to swallow sandwich. 86 more words


From arrow to a ring

Okey, so I have to be honest about one thing ~ changing piercing after just a few days getting it is something I do not recommend! 343 more words


If I can't start in school

Excuse my face ~ no makeup on.

Well if I can’t start in school because no one has the classes, I guess I have to continue to learn by myself. 57 more words


Curtiss SO3C Seamew: Crying Out Loud.

With that hideously designed cowl covering the equally disastrous Ranger V-770 it’s easy to fathom why the Seamew turned out to be such a dismal failure.