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Integrating Redis, PostgreSQL and Neo4j in CentOS 7

Recently, working for a new client here at UCI, we began to think in an internal Social Network, focused in educational purposes where students, researchers, teachers and more, could have an online space to discuss trends, make comments, give online talks, etc. 1,423 more words

Big Data

Apache Cassandra - NoSQL storage solution

These days I am exploring another storage solution – Cassandra.

Apache Cassandra datastore was originally developed by Facebook as open source NoSQL data storage system. 898 more words

Apache Cassandra

Cassandra no sql ecosystem

Cassandra no sql ecosystem

Data stax no sql use cases

Cassandra Architecture Basics

Cassandra Architecture:

Commit log à(flush when full)à mem tables (in-memory structures {sizes can be defined})àSSTables . 852 more words


Cassandra real Interview: Questions and answers

Interview For Cassandra Data Architect positions
((1)) Introduction in Short (like here I would do like this)
good afternoon My name is sandeep working as an Architect with 12 yrs of experience in datawarehousing BI, cloud computing , security ,web development. 1,203 more words


Installing MongoDB

Today, we are going to install MongoDB in our system. In my case, I am installing it in a Mac OS X system but, the steps are almost the same in other systems. 376 more words


Exploring N1QL with data on Couchbase - Part 2

In the previous post we have seen how to setup N1QL to query data in couchbase. In this post we will explore more details about querying using N1QL.We also have seen the logical hierarchy of the N1QL way of looking at data organization. 558 more words