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Cassandra DBA - Tricks and tips

Change replication factor for an existing keyspace

ALTER KEYSPACE acme WITH REPLICATION =  { 'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 2 };

Drop a column

ALTER TABLE… 39 more words

Lessons Learned – Benchmarking NoSQL on the AWS Cloud (AerospikeDB and Redis)

In this post I’ll summarize what I learned from running benchmark tests on virtual machines on the AWS Cloud with the Aerospike team and also as I validated their test results independently. 3,007 more words


Simple Analytics with Elasticsearch and Kibana

I’ve recently replaced Splunk Storm with Elasticsearch and Kibana to analyze usage data for my game Wordismic.

Splunk is great, but Elasticsearch is fully open source and works equally well in this case. 967 more words


The Misperception of New Technology - Big Data Edition

Big Data is the answer. It will provide the new customer insights to propel your company to the market leader and do so faster, cheaper, and utilize your existing resources. 849 more words


NoSQL Models

No sql models

NoSQL, meaning “not only SQL”, is a movement encouraging developers and business people to open their minds and consider new possibilities beyond the classic relational approach to data persistence. 198 more words


NoSql ve ElasticSearch

Nosql bir çeşit veritabanı yönetim sistemidir,fakat ilişkisel veritabanları sistemlerinin farklı kuralları var.Bu tip veritabanları Sql veritabanlar yerine kullanılmaktan ziyade ilişkisel veritabanlarının yetersiz kaldığı yerlerde destek amacıyla kullanılabilir.Nosql  ‘Not Only Sql ’ olarak adlandırılır, Sql tipi sorgu cümlecikleri ile sorgulama yapmamızı sağlamakta. 966 more words


install and run coucheDB ,MongoDB , Redis , Neo4j

CoucheDB : install

RedHat-based (Fedora, Centos, RHEL) Systems:

sudo yum install autoconf
sudo yum install autoconf-archive
sudo yum install automake
sudo yum install curl-devel
sudo yum install erlang-asn1
sudo yum install erlang-erts
sudo yum install erlang-eunit
sudo yum install erlang-os_mon
sudo yum install erlang-xmerl
sudo yum install help2man
sudo yum install js-devel
sudo yum install libicu-devel
sudo yum install libtool
sudo yum install perl-Test-Harness

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