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MongoDB current operations and profiling

Current operations


Write operations waiting for a lock

    "waitingForLock" : true,
    $or: [
      { "op" : { "$in" : [ "insert", "update", "remove" ] } },
      { "query.findandmodify": { $exists: true } }
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Real-world Cloud Big Data Patterns

Here’s a link to my slides from the workshop I delivered for QCon Sao Paulo, Brazil, “Real-world Cloud Big Data Patterns”



Moving data from Oracle to Couchbase

One request I found frequently in customers is about moving data between Oracle and Couchbase. Oracle is a widely deployed relational database, and customers moving to Couchbase have this starting point challenge. 688 more words


Getting over 4 Million TPS with NoSQL on the Google Cloud with Aerospike

I did some work with the Aerospike team and some other partners (@dchaley and @jamesrcounts) to validate Aerospike performance benchmarks on the Google Cloud using GCE instances. 97 more words

Setting up a production ready cluster with MongoDB and Couchbase


Congratulations! Your new NoSQL project is ready for go live. Your single node development environment has been so easy to deploy and work with. But, wait a moment! 1,607 more words