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Installing MongoDB

Today, we are going to install MongoDB in our system. In my case, I am installing it in a Mac OS X system but, the steps are almost the same in other systems. 376 more words


Exploring N1QL with data on Couchbase - Part 2

In the previous post we have seen how to setup N1QL to query data in couchbase. In this post we will explore more details about querying using N1QL.We also have seen the logical hierarchy of the N1QL way of looking at data organization. 558 more words


Exploring N1QL with data on Couchbase - Part 1

In this series of posts I will be sharing my knowledge and experiences with using N1QL to query data in Couchbase.

N1QL (pronounced “Nickel”) is Couchbase next generation query language. 1,033 more words


Bulk load documents into Couchbase using cbdocloader

Problem : During development or testing we may need to bulk load JSON documents into couchbase bucket.

Solution: cbdocloader

cbdocloader is tool used to load a group of JSON documents in a given directory or in a single  .zip file. 327 more words


Cassandra DBA - Tricks and tips

Change replication factor for an existing keyspace

ALTER KEYSPACE acme WITH REPLICATION =  { 'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 2 };

Drop a keyspace

DROP KEYSPACE… 53 more words

Lessons Learned – Benchmarking NoSQL on the AWS Cloud (AerospikeDB and Redis)

In this post I’ll summarize what I learned from running benchmark tests on virtual machines on the AWS Cloud with the Aerospike team and also as I validated their test results independently. 3,007 more words


Simple Analytics with Elasticsearch and Kibana

I’ve recently replaced Splunk Storm with Elasticsearch and Kibana to analyze usage data for my game Wordismic.

Splunk is great, but Elasticsearch is fully open source and works equally well in this case. 967 more words