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Cassandra Data Modeling - Primary , Clustering , Partition , Compound Keys

In this post we are going to discuss more about different keys available in Cassandra . Primary key concept in Cassandra is different from Relational databases. 1,337 more words


MongoDB current operations and profiling

Current operations


Write operations waiting for a lock

    "waitingForLock" : true,
    $or: [
      { "op" : { "$in" : [ "insert", "update", "remove" ] } },
      { "query.findandmodify": { $exists: true } }
) 168 more words

Real-world Cloud Big Data Patterns

Here’s a link to my slides from the workshop I delivered for QCon Sao Paulo, Brazil, “Real-world Cloud Big Data Patterns”



Moving data from Oracle to Couchbase

One request I found frequently in customers is about moving data between Oracle and Couchbase. Oracle is a widely deployed relational database, and customers moving to Couchbase have this starting point challenge. 688 more words