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S3-compatible object storage on Cassandra

In an industry where so many people want to change the world, it’s fair to say that low cost object storage has done just that. Building a business that requires flexible low-latency storage is now affordable in a way we couldn’t imagine before. 115 more words


Asp.NET Web API - MongoDB

Bir süredir ara verdiğim MongoDB serisine devam ediyorum. Bu yazıda Asp.NET Web API framework ile yapılan projede MongoDB veritabanından çekilmiş olan verileri REST yapısında tüm kullanıcılara göstereceğiz. 841 more words


Automated MongoDB Cluster Backup on AWS S3

If you want a true copy of your MongoDB cluster data in case of data corruption, accidental deletion or disaster recovery, you’ll want to back it up reliably. 848 more words


Context aware MySQL pools via HAProxy

At GitHub we use MySQL as our main datastore. While repository data lies in git, metadata is stored in MySQL. This includes Issues, Pull Requests, Comments etc. 173 more words


7 Steps to Understanding NoSQL Databases

The term NoSQL has come to be synonymous with schema-less, non-relational data storage schemes. NoSQL is an umbrella term, one which encompasses a number of different technologies. 125 more words


Distributed delay queues based on Dynomite

Netflix’s Content Platform Engineering runs a number of business processes which are driven by asynchronous orchestration of micro-services based tasks, and queues form an integral part of the orchestration layer amongst these services. 229 more words


3 reasons why your business needs NoSQL database

Organizations today, are plunging themselves into digital waters without much thought or concern. It is one thing to take your business further, harnessing the power of the IoT, but making critical strategic decisions by following suit could easily lead to your business progress running out of steam at an alarming rate. 427 more words