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My First NO SQL Blog

What is NoSQL(Not Only SQL):

  • It’s a database
  • With No Schema
  • Suitable for web application
  • Scalable => Horizontal scalability => Partition Database on Different servers (Unlike SQL SERVER, ORACLE, DB2)
  • SImple Design
  • Control Over Availability

My Next Step

Once again, it’s been an awfully long time since I last posted on here. I’m actually perfectly happy putting up what I consider to be decent, in-depth technical posts a couple of times a year – I’ve tried the “quantity over quality” approach to blogging elsewhere in the past and found the cons outweighed the pros. 537 more words

Open Source

Analyse des logs applicatifs avec Logstash, Kibana et Elasticsearch

Qu’est-ce qu’un log et pourquoi en faire l’analyse? Chaque application génère des événements, et certains de ces événements sont assez importants pour être archivés et écrits sur un média persistant. 1,436 more words
Paroles D'expert

The MAN Stack isn't MEAN

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this tech blog, so I thought hey… why not talk some about the new position I started about a week ago. 521 more words


noSQL is not a panacea...

NoSQL is not a panacea
The past decade has seen a huge amount of innovation in scalable data systems.
These include large-scale computation systems like Hadoop and databases such as… 136 more words

Recovering Redis data with GDB

“We recently had an incident where we had a Redis instance blocked on writing to disk, hung inside the kernel.

Through a variety of other circumstances this meant the only up to date copy of business critical data was in memory on a single machine, multiple independent replicas and backups were unavailable, and that machine could crash at any moment. 400 more words


JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

Just seen a blog from Aaron Bertrand about JSON support in SQL SERVER 2016. In my last job we wanted to export some data stored in SQL SERVER into Elasticsearch and converting large amounts of data into JSON documents was quite tricky to get working at first. 65 more words