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5 Questions Enterprises Should Ask When Selecting a NoSQL Database

With the need for more flexibility when it comes to defining and handling large amounts of data, NoSQL has emerged as a feasible alternative to relational databases. 40 more words

Business Intelligence

Recent improvements to Redis Lua scripting

“Lua scripting is probably the most successful Redis feature, among the ones introduced when Redis was already pretty popular: no surprise that a few of the things users really want are about scripting. 135 more words


Analytics 3.0

Many observers believe, including Thomas Davenport in article “Analytics 3.0”, that business world has already been through two Analytics stages: Analytics 1.0 and Analytics 2.0. Mr Davenport explains that companies able to embrace the third phase – Analytics 3.0 – will gain a decisive advantage over their competitors. 315 more words


Introduction to Databases and NoSQL.

Databases are applications that help in storing data (DataStore) and retrieving specific data based on query (Query Engine) and present to the application that requires it. 909 more words


What is Classical relation database?

Classical relation database follow the ACID Rule

A database transaction, must be atomic, consistent, isolated and durable. Below we have discussed these four points.

Atomic : 86 more words


MongoDB Performance

MongoDB Performance:

below source code for the script create_scores.js:

use students;
for (i = 0; i < 10000000; i++) {
    for (j = 0; j < 4; j++) {
	assess = ['exam', 'quiz', 'homework', 'homework'];
	record = {'student_id':i, 'type':assess[j], 'score':Math.random()*100};
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Neo4j Commands

Neo4J Commands
1. Example: Matrix
Graph Setup:

CREATE (Neo:Crew { name:'Neo' }),(Morpheus:Crew { name: 'Morpheus' }),(Trinity:Crew { name: 'Trinity' }),
(Cypher:Crew:Matrix { name: 'Cypher' }),(Smith:Matrix { name: 'Agent Smith' }),
(Architect:Matrix { name:'The Architect' }),(Neo)-[:KNOWS]->(Morpheus),(Neo)-[:LOVES]->(Trinity),
… 440 more words