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Sitecore MongoDB Blog series: Part 1-Introduction to MongoDB in Sitecore

Sitecore introduced MongoDB in it’s ecosystem to solve the problem of scaling analytics, let’s try to understand MongoDB from Sitecore prespective, and see how it’s useful and where exactly it sit in the Sitecore system, we will have series of three posts where we will start with the introduction about it, it’s features, advantages, setting up MongoDB in your environment. 607 more words


Using the Redis NoSql database with .NET Part 12: monitoring the database commands


In the previous post we saw how to work with custom objects using the ServiceStack Redis client. The generic IRedisTypedClient works with the supplied type parameter and provides a large number functions to handle our objects in the Redis database. 1,341 more words


Top 3 Reasons to upgrade to MongoDB 3.4

Top 3 Reasons to upgrade to MongoDB 3.4

MongoDB 3.4 was released on Nov 29, 2016 with tons of new features. In this post, I will be listing the top 3 reasons to upgrade to MongoDB 3.4. 410 more words


Top 5 Reasons when to choose NoSQL

NoSQL does not mean “No SQL” it means “not only SQL”. It is not an alternative to SQL databases rather it has different database design approach other than relational database. 559 more words


Using the Redis NoSql database with .NET Part 11: working with objects in the .NET client


In the previous post we looked at the IRedisClient interface to communicate with Redis. We saw that it provides a more convenient way of dealing with Redis commands in code. 783 more words


What is NoSQL databse?

NoSQL  or Not Only SQL database provides a mechanism for storage and retrival of data which is simpler in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. 183 more words