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An Overview of Graph Algorithms in Neo4j

In my previous blog, we saw about neo4j with some basic example. In this post, let’s see an overview graph algorithms in neo4j.

Here is a list of the many algorithms that Neo4j uses in its graph analytics platform, along with an explanation of what they do. 932 more words

Sr. Web Developer with Cloud Architecture Exp. C to H- Seattle, Wa

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  • Senior web developer with a strong background in implementing server architectures for app scalability.
  • A senior web developer, with 8+ years of applicable work experience.
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Get The Basics On NoSQL Databases: Object-Oriented Databases

Object-oriented databases play nicely with object-oriented programming languages. This post is one of a series that introduces the fundamentals of NOSQL databases, and their role in Big Data Analytics. 76 more words

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List All Command In MongoDb -- Part 1

show dbs
// LIst Data Base

show collections
// List Collections

use test
// Select Db

//already Data Base

// Drop Collection

// Show Count Document

//collection contains information about all of the database’s collections

//collection lists all the indexes in the database. 750 more words
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Neo4j Database - Part 09 – Scalability

In the last blog I discussed transactions. In this blog I want to highlight the scalability and high availability features available in Neo4j.

RDBMS’s are designed to run on big boxes. 328 more words

Neo4j Database - Part 08 – Transactions

In the last blog I showed some sample queries. In this blog I will explain how transactions are used.


NoSQL databases typically follow the BASE principal and RDBMS’s follow the… 348 more words

Getting started with MongoDB

Hi everyone! in this blog, I will try to explain what is MongoDB and why to use MongoDB

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is one of the powerful NoSql DataBase. 523 more words