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How to do distributed locking

“As part of the research for my book, I came across an algorithm called Redlock on the Redis website. The algorithm claims to implement fault-tolerant distributed locks (or rather, leases [1]) on top of Redis, and the page asks for feedback from people who are into distributed systems. 225 more words


Moving data from Oracle to Couchbase

One request I found frequently in customers is about moving data between Oracle and Couchbase. Oracle is a widely deployed relational database, and customers moving to Couchbase have this starting point challenge. 688 more words


Pills of Eventual Consistency

A question raises spontaneously: why Eventual Consistency? Isn’t ACID enough? Let’s try to understand the need for Eventual Consistency guarantees when we talk about… 1,235 more words

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How to access the http interface of MongoDB

This is a complimentary post following the installation of MongoDB, as you probably now, MongoDB comes with a web interface, easy to visualize what is going on with your MongoDB databases. 131 more words


MongoDB Grows Up - the $lookup aggregator

So far, I’ve been avoiding anything having to do with NoSQL because of the inability to do, in the classical RDBMS world, table joins.  The idea of having to pull into memory (well, … 345 more words

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RocksDB from Facebook

I attended a HIVE-sponsored Meetup yesterday evening titled, “Rocking the database world with RocksDB”. Since I had never heard of RocksDB, I was curious to learn how it is rocking the database world. 305 more words


HBase Installation and Configuration

This post covers the HBase installation and important configurations to get first run successful. You can refer HBase – An Introduction for getting the basic ideas about this No SQL framework. 503 more words

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