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MongoDB 3.2 - Hardening and User Access Control

MongoDB 3.2 – Hardening and User Access Control

MongoDB has been on the news for being one of the most insecure NoSQL database software. By default, it is insecure with absolutely no security measures in place. 485 more words


Dockerizing MySQL at Uber Engineering

Uber Engineering’s Schemaless storage system powers some of the biggest services at Uber, such as Mezzanine. Schemaless is a scalable and highly available datastore on top of… 221 more words


Search Platform using Elasticsearch (on AWS)

Apache Lucene is a high performance, cross-platform search engine library, which has gained immense support in enterprises looking to build firm-wide, customer-facing search platforms. And it does owe good share of its popularity to… 1,236 more words


CSER Fall Meeting and CASCON 2016

During the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER) 2016 Fall meeting, held on October 30th, I presented my talk of Building Linked REST APIs.  In this talk I address how we can use the same technology we use every day, to add semantics to Web APIs, and use those semantics to compose APIs automatically.   149 more words


From Operations to Insights: Business Analytics Meets NoSQL

Many people love NoSQL databases because they can throw their data into them without a care (almost) and let the NoSQL database sort out the storage. 70 more words

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ElasticSearch - Taking The NoSQL Plunge

I cannot tell a lie!

I have fallen in love with ElasticSearch. The ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash & Kibana) Stack to be exact. Why? 173 more words