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Forecast Cloudy - Why Is My Azure Table Storage Query So Slow Again?

Perhaps this post shouldn’t exist as I already profiled basics of Azure Table Storage in my previous post. However, in last few months I heard quite a bit of complaints from customers attempting to query Azure tables of performance. 1,088 more words

Scale Out Applications

An excursion into ranking the NBA with Elo

P.S: Copy of my blog in Linkedin

Ranking and odd making are one of the oldest professions, probably dating to around AD 69 – the romans applying inferences on predicting gladiatorial shows! 768 more words


Azure DocumentDB and C#

The goal of this post is to write a C# sample application to perform basic requests to Azure DocumentDB:  Create, Read, Update, Delete and Find documents. 493 more words


Using the Testing Harness for Neo4j Extensions

I’ve been creating both unit tests and integration tests for Neo4j Unmanaged Extensions for far too long. The Neo4j Testing Harness was introduced in version 2.1.6 to simplify our lives and just do integration tests. 1,136 more words

Graph Database

New Features of Oracle NoSQL

“In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.” Linus Torvalds

Currently, there are about 150… 458 more words


mnesia + leveldb: liberating mnesia from the limitations of DETS

“Mnesia offers various database features, but restricts users to a few storage engines with substantial limitations. This talk describes mnesia_ext, an extension which allows arbitrary storage engines to be plugged into mnesia, and how Klarna used this to migrate parts of its database to LevelDB. 24 more words


Thoughts on Time-series Databases

“Preetam “recently” blogged about catena, a time-series metric store. There was another blog post about benchmarking boltdb by a Fog Creek engineer, also looking to write a time series database. 251 more words