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MongoDb : Basic Commands

Before we actually get into MongoDb, let’s begin by importing a Test Db. You can access the JSON file here. Once you have downloaded the file, use following command to import the document into mongodb. 359 more words


MongoDb : Beginners Guide

MongoDb is definitely fascinating, and it is here to stay, there is no doubts about it. Here is my attempt to put together a small series of tutorial for beginners. 32 more words


Azure NoSQL in ASP.NET Core


How to use Azure NoSQL database in ASP.NET Core.


Create a class library and add NuGet package: Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core

Add a class to encapsulate settings: 464 more words


Finding Triplets with Neo4j

A user had an interesting Neo4j question on Stack Overflow the other day:

I have two types of nodes in my graph. One type is Testplan and the other is Tag.

1,221 more words
Graph Database

MongoDB: Count of Indexes on a collection

This simple one liner will list all the collections along with the number of indexes it has.

db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function(collection) {print(collection + ": " + db.getIndexes().length);});

More info here: 7 more words


Geolocation and mapping with Elasticsearch

I have played around with Elasticsearch for a while and it has been my first time I was working with a NoSQL database. It’s been a lot of fun to load some data and see what querying techniques are available. 322 more words