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Angry Kitten looks for a Fight, 1964.

With claws bared, a young kitten attacks its own mirrored reflection, circa. 1964.
What a great action shot
Photograph by Walter Chandoha, National Geographic Creative… 9 more words

Unusual Old Typewriters.

Article by M. Christian and A. Abrams
Horse and buggies, hoop skirts, steam engines, bustles … oh, yes, life around the turn of the previous century was a delight of simplicity and workmanship. 255 more words

Birmingham Girl and her Admirer, 1951.

A Shopgirl in Birmingham, 1951  (Photo: Bert Hardy)
Birmingham is a major city and metropolitan borough of the West Midlands in England.
It is the largest and… 51 more words

Under the Pedley Street Arch, London 1968.

Pedley St Arch by John Claridge, 1968.
The Pedley St Arch is one of Spitalfields’ most disreputable corners and has been for more than a century, evidenced by this description of it by Emmanuel Litvinoff from his autobiography ‘Journey Through A Small Planet’ (1968) recalling his childhood, growing up in Cheshire St in the nineteen-twenties. 155 more words

The Meaning

Every year, I try to find the right way to recognize Martin Luther King Day. This year, I thought I’d let his wife, his partner, his widow, Coretta Scott King, explain the meaning of the holiday. 1,106 more words


Steve McQueen The King of Cool in 1963.

In the spring of 1963, already popular from his big-screen breakout as one of The Magnificent Seven and just a couple months away from entering the Badass Hall of Fame with the release of The Great Escape, Steve McQueen was on the brink of superstardom. 125 more words