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A few words on Freedom Planet

It still weirds me out how we as a society have decided that the ‘90s are now something we can collectively get nostalgic about. Any time I watch… 729 more words

A Few Words

Diamonds and Rust

White wine tonight, to cover up the nasty accusations.

So far from my heart.

Why couldn’t it be left the way it was?

And if you’re offering me diamonds and rust, says Joan Baez. 13 more words

Letting Go

The Hibiscus Flower

The Hibiscus flower holds so many memories for me.

It transports me to my childhood in Zambia, where it grew in abundance. My friends and I would destalk the flower and we would siphen out the sweetness that lay within (just like sucking through a straw). 255 more words



I love technology. In fact, I love technology a lot. I like being able to edit a sixteen-page essay with Word’s handy “track changes” function that underlines and outlines the words in red instead of retyping the whole thing with a typewriter that can’t even handle ctrl-c and ctrl-v. 1,282 more words


Silence Like Snow

I scream, I cry
My tears turning
To watercolor in the snow.

Black, white
And grey as wingless fairy,
What I have left
Is now inside of you. 44 more words

The Suburban Chainsaw Massacre, or Who Will Survive High School And What Will Be Left Of Their Reputation?

After Mike Winslet, my brother’s best friend throughout primary school and half of high school who introduced me to Aliens, wanton destruction, and fear, was shipped off to military school in tenth grade, bad influence mantle was taken up by Kyle Pearson, my brother’s new best friend for years ten through twelve. 428 more words

Video Daze


It’s been months and months since I payed the thoughts in my head the attention they owe me. And with a heart filled with gratitude to nostalgia, I stirred them into rebellion. 257 more words