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The Novelty of Nostalgia

A couple of week ago I was having a conversation with a friend and we somehow got onto the topic of quotes. And so I told him one of my favourite ones. 559 more words

The Sims 1

OMG! So, I was meandering around a local thrift store with my mom when I spotted a familiar gold box on the counter. It was The Sims Double Deluxe. 299 more words


When The Cuckoos Won’t Coo…

In that blessed fire, from the heavens above
Why we burnt our hearts, in the kiln of love?
To see thru past, true shades of blue… 124 more words


A school reunion 25 years in the making

What you end up remembering isn’t always the same as what you have witnessed.

-Julian Barnes, The sense of an ending

A bus rumbled through a sleepy town, past rocky hillocks and green fields, past garish hand painted walls, past a greying sky pregnant with nostalgia and the chance of rain.

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I wish there was a way to know you were in good old days before you actually left them” – Andy Bernard   

माझा जन्म गिरगावातला. 10 more words

You, The Flame; I, The Moth

I should be more careful
I should know you’re not meant for me
(but I can’t be anything but careless when I see your smile or hear the softness in your voice… 75 more words


Nostalgic Sunday...into Monday

Nostalgia is a way of remembering people and places and things, and wishing things hadn’t changed. It has a sweetness to it.

A weekend of working all three days whilst being dragged down by a cold and just some really shitty luck, I’ve been feeling pretty emotional these past couple of days.

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