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A Rare Visitor, a Poem


A pouring rain

Drenched the poet, Su, caused him to run scattered

My studies

I’d made a pot of tea

With Taiwanese jasmine for him… 143 more words

State Of Mind

that damp, drizzly november in my soul

Of late, I’ve been experiencing inexplicable despondency, feeling lethargic and nothing seems to interest me. Like the mood of Ishmael, when he joined that doomed whaleship pequod in herman melville’s novel moby dick, it is a damp drizzly November in my soul. 513 more words

Just Me

Eternal Silence

My ears are blue and black
From an ache that is too near,
Eternally listening
To words that I will never hear.

Like music, life moves with a beat… 271 more words

THE A-MAZE-ING OREO! - Ad Scrapbook #2

I’ll first open with another apology for my phones worthless camera, but I think the essence is still all there!  160 more words


sea glass.

Isn’t it something-
how a name once so fine,
achingly rolled about 43 more words



Memories of the childhood years, translated…

As a child, I’d loved to gaze into kaleidoscopes, I’d once made a simpler version of it, a triangular mirror, a cylinder, and colorful scraps of paper, turning it slowly, shake it up, then, there would be, various beautiful, congruent pictures, that looked like flowers.  391 more words


May the Years Keep You Well

The ins and outs of life here, translated…

My mom would head back to my grandparents’ house almost daily now, to take care of my elderly and immobilized grandfather.   269 more words

State Of Mind