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I <3 the 90s

Something kind of awesome has been happening lately…the 90s are back. Remember the teeny tiny backpacks? Yep those are back.

The flannel shirt tied around your waist? 380 more words


Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men...

…The Shadow does, of course. I enjoy the old timey pulp fiction for the sheer bravado of the pieces. Logic takes second place to daring fights and even more thrilling escapes. 318 more words


Explore the History of Our Childhoods at the TOYS Exhibition

I experienced a mixture of nostalgia and absurdity when visiting a museum yesterday and seeing toys from my childhood on display in glass cases, complete with object labels. 588 more words

Star Wars

let me drive

I was not made to be silent

or a pretty ornament on the wall

no, I realized suddenly just how sharp my tongue was and… 221 more words

About Everything

It has been 4 years already?!

Only recently was I able to put down my 2013 exchange student experience into words. I wrote them here and here.

4 years. It took me that much time to write about it- and I’m just getting started. 428 more words


Twelve 90's Cartoons Adapted From Movies

The 1990’s were an absolute juggernaut when it came to kid’s cartoons: while cartoons in the 80’s were either on Saturday morning or in syndication at random time slots throughout the day across different markets, the 90’s harnessed the power of children’s programming and created weekday afternoon blocks of cartoons, most notably the Disney Afternoon and Fox Kids. 2,451 more words