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Sonnet 12

Pretend not to love if love has passed on
It shall tear your heart and consume your soul
Let the star explode. For the time you stole… 92 more words


Football, in lieu of a father

For WILL SHARP, football means more to him than just a mere game or past time. Growing up without a male role model – barring his Grandad and some prick called Dave – it helped him grow and learn to be a man in so many ways. 3,001 more words



I got lost. Lost track of time. I had scheduled posts back in December until now and did not realize that I have not posted in several days. 229 more words

Night Watch Print

Followed around by a painting that hung
in the living room of my Grandparent’s house
above the sofa
facing a large window
that looked out over a well-tended garden… 162 more words


Memories. The assorted figments of imagination. Lovely concoctions of the mind. Souvenirs of the past. Mile stones of the memory lane.

I have always imagined them to be like one of those gossamer strands Dumbledore extracted after pointing his wand to his temples. 315 more words


Memories- Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Naturally after enjoying the blast-processing totally radical first game, I went straight to it’s even faster sequel. I knew the moment the title screen popped up this would be a good game. 179 more words