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A Third Watercolor for the Holidays

The object of painting a picture is not to make a picture–however unreasonable this may sound. The picture, if a picture results, is a by-product  175 more words

Passing These Days, a Poem


The Intimacy I Shared with the Sun

For a Prolonged Periods, in This Small Rental Space

He Slept, by the Window Frames

I, Next to the Scripts… 173 more words

State Of Mind


I remember riding in the back of the station wagon, I was lying on my back (seatbelts were not such a big deal back then) looking up at the tall buildings. 2,566 more words


The sweet relief of American Thanksgiving

As a child I never felt more aware of the difference between my homeland and the United States as much as I did at American Thanksgiving. 327 more words


Like Nostalgia? 'Romance, 50's Style' is on Special, Now!

Calling all lovers of nostalgia, and especially those who relish sweet romance!

For the first time ever, ‘Romance, 50’s Style’ is available on Amazon US and UK as a special, Countdown  deal. 67 more words

A dirtbag's guide to self-selected families

Thanksgiving was never a really big deal in my family, which is perhaps part of the reason that—despite gluttony being my favorite deadly sin—I’ve never felt strongly about it one way or another. 1,225 more words


an over due letter to a neglected past

hello Gwendolyn
I’m still living close to the park
in the same old building on Haro Street
where once we were seen

I keep my madness in a jar… 85 more words