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The Motorola Razr Wants To Mount A Comeback, But Are We Ready For The Flip Phone To Return?

Yesterday, Motorola dropped, out of nowhere, a heavy, heavy dose of ’00s nostalgia by releasing an ad for the Razr straight out of 2006. It would seem to hint that the Razr is about to make a comeback, … 359 more words


Mr. Tambourine Man.

You’re still getting older, and I’m
still worried, whether you carry
your umbrella when it rains
And I believed every time you
held out your thumb, you… 119 more words

Looking Straight Down Her Nose, Always

(She Blames The Very People She’s Being Mean To?)


There is an unnatural fury inside, hippopotamus size.

Cold, murderous stares… 1,110 more words


third eye summer

The ever-summer song rings, and
it’s a semi-charmed kind of life,
with our semi-charming smiles in
semi-charming apartments
doing less-than glamorous things to
scrape by on pennies to… 70 more words

Harry Potter re-readathon: The Prisoner of Azkaban

Be still my tiny-child heart. The memories. For a long time, as with most Harry Potter fans, The Prisoner of Azkaban was my favourite. It’s one of the more standalone-ish of the series, and it’s early enough in the series that, while it deals with difficult things, it is still quite lighthearted – the darkness of the later books seeps in over the edges of the pages, but not so much so that your hands come away blackened and your heart hurts. 365 more words


Radio 67, side A, track 13: "Impulsive" by Wilson Phillips

Oh, Wilson Phillips, I miss you already.  This is the last song I’d record by you as a kid.  And even though I only recorded three songs by you, you had a lasting impact on me.   260 more words


Celebrating The Rachel, On The 20th Anniversary Of Its Death

The Rachel is dead.

Long live The Rachel.

Jennifer Aniston’s choppy shag – the biggest boon to the round brush industry to date – met its end by Season 3 of Friends. 500 more words