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महीनों बाद जब घर आया मैं अपने , सब कुछ जैसे अनजाना सा लगा

महीनों बाद जब घर आया मैं अपने , सब कुछ जैसे अनजाना सा लगा ,
माँ के दुलार और पापा के प्यार के अलावा , कुछ भी जाना पहचाना ना लगा …


Rotary phones at the club

Yes, phones were at the club back in the 70’s. They were chunky, rotary dialers that sat on the middle of round tables that sat about eight people each. 408 more words


North Woods

The last time I saw Ann, I was still living on Stratton Pond. She came to see me with a friend of hers… an older, mystic sort of man, likely left-over from the back-to-the-land movement in the sixties. 2,061 more words

mykidneybeans.com is one year old!

A famous Bollywood actor stands in his signature stance and delivers an epic dialogue in one of his hit movies. Loosely translated it goes something like this – 451 more words


Radio 85, side B, track 10: "Pressure" by Billy Joel

Oh, Billy Joel, has it really been almost 2 years since you’ve been on here?  Cray!  To be honest with you, Billy Joel, I’m not familiar with this one at all but I wish I would have been.   262 more words



I poured my morning cuppa today and looked down and realized this old boy was looking a little worse for wear.

And this is the best one of the lot. 397 more words