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18th March 1585. A 'Wynning' Streak.

If you want to know who were the key figures of the past, the local church is where to find their records. This is particularly true of the Wynnes, of Gwydir Castle, Wales, who claimed descent from the Kings of Gwynedd. 451 more words


February dragging its ass

Morning everyone, what a shyte day again!! I’ve spent the morning cleaning and polishing Julie’s car and jet washing another acre of mud from my truck, that now laying on top of last weeks acre of scraped mud, the drive will be deep enough to plant spuds any day at this rate. 1,546 more words

Project Presentation at Furniture History AGM

The project team (Mark, Eleanor and Lizzy) attended the Furniture History Society AGM at Nostell Priory, Wakefield, on Saturday 22nd November. Thank you to the FHS for inviting us! 212 more words

Primary and secondary colours

The aim of this exercise was to find scenes or parts of scenes that were each dominated by a single one of the primary and secondary colours.   772 more words


Real and implied triangles

The aim of this exercise was to produce two sets of triangular compositions in photographs, one using ‘real’ triangles and the other making ‘implied’ triangles. 289 more words

Part 2

My month off in Yorkshire

Having had a fantastic 6 months travelling I was now very short of cash and in dire need of a job to get the bills paid so I started job hunting with a vengeance. 1,375 more words

United Kingdom

Control the strength of a colour

After writing up my hand written (barely legible) notes for the previous few postings, it’s time to return to actual photographs!

This exercise is about varying exposure, to see what impact this has on the colour of an object.   355 more words