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If This Bed Could Talk

I just ordered a new bed at Sleepy’s since mine is 22 years old.  Gigi, the salesgirl, amazed, said it was older than she was half expecting her to ask for its autograph.  352 more words


The Doppler Effect: 8-11-1948

I wonder how many people actually take the time to occasionally watch the sunrise these days. I mean realistically…How many of us? Besides the country kitchen regulars, twenty somethings still partying from the night before, or just those IHOP fiends looking to fix that drunken hash brown lust…How many of us do? 1,974 more words


Excited for Shenmue 3? A Word of Warning

Shenmue, to most of you younger informed gamers, this title alone is like Woodstock was to the generation of Americans too young to participate in it, you where possibly knowledgeable of its existence, but too young or lacked the finances for admission.  1,562 more words

The Arcade Room

To Miss

I should be
feeling something.
She may leave,
she already left,
and I spent
so much
of my time with her,
but my eyes
are dry… 132 more words


At First Blush

I’ve been trying to remember my very first crush…the first time my heart was awakened by those sudden butterflies fluttering due to another.

There was Bobby Hargrove in the third grade, he in the sixth who was a patrol boy.  322 more words



I’ve been away to my childhood home. This is the barn in Allegan County Michigan on the farm where I grew up. My mother still lives on the farm and rents the 60 tillable acres. 328 more words

Going Home