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I reminisce
A beautiful daydream
that takes me back
to a forgotten place
where we used
to meet halfway

It was many moons ago… 177 more words

Sleepless Love

I’ve spent all night writing about men I’ve loved.

I got lost in memories and read stories from too long ago.

My current lover says that, when I write, I flatten them all out… 528 more words

The Last and First

The last person I want to write about now is you.

But tonight I did something I haven’t done in years.

I went through us. I read about everything… 616 more words

on reading Bukowski's Women part 1

As I feel the silence that is settling like dust

On, ironically, the loudest day of the year,

I’m reading Bukowski to pass the time. 317 more words

A Recap of Nothing

Today I woke up

Empty handed,

Mind racing,

Too blue to keep sleeping.

I put on something black–

All black everything–

My eyes, my body, 55 more words

A Reading of "Men" and "If Only"

Here’s a link to a youtube video of another poetry reading I made this morning. Today I read “Men” and “If Only” with a little discussion of love and my approach to these poems.

If Only

I’ve been listening to this great acoustic rock album by a guy named Tyla called Nocturnal Nomads. One of my favorite songs is titled “If Only,” and I thought it would be an interesting starting point for a poem, although the poem isn’t really in line with the song other than the premise “if only….” Here’s a  332 more words