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It’s amazing how things change, yet stay the same. Over a decade ago, I was walking around the trail at Mill Creek, where it meets the Susquehanna River with my Nikon D40. 537 more words


Obsolete or Nostolgia

Both? <3

Telephone books…. they still make them , they still give it away – you find it in your driveway or doorstep BUT does anyone use them nowadays? 452 more words


Getting to Un-Know You

There’s something about a childhood best friend that stays. Even though time moves, the feeling of how things were are vivid, with time softening and sanding the edges. 659 more words


So I found the only copy of the first poem I ever performed at a poetry slam. I decided that this gem needed to stay alive even if it is literal trash. 336 more words

decade apart

a decade has passed, but it never seemed so fast.

still remember how indifferent it sounded when first came out.

just like how indifferent I was. 57 more words

A Soft Start to Living Internationally Part 1: The Last Day

Since moving out of America, life has really picked up speed! Let’s go back to when I left home. Trying to catch up will take some time, but that’s the goal. 854 more words

The Girl

From what I recall, she was small with a bursting heart that couldn’t quite contain the colors held within it. Braided hair by her mother, her safeguard. 820 more words