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#SpiritDay I AM HERE

In honor of GLAAD’s #SpiritDay recognizing the effects of bullying for LGBT students I’ve detailed a slice of my childhood. I hope my transparency sheds light on bullying. 1,208 more words


What even is TRL anyway?

So MTV decided to dig in their closet and bring back 90s nostalgia by re-launching their flagship show Total Request Live aka TRL.

I was a little shook when one of my friends had no idea what TRL was. 630 more words


Learning to Love Life

Today, the sun is shining, and despite the changing colour of the leaves indicating the end of summer, the temperature is warm. It is my favourite kind of day – a summery autumn day – and I don’t feel like writing my blog. 1,363 more words

Workin Man

Muscles aching, he leans into his work.

It’s not at pain the younger smirk,

It is his age.

Sweat drenched shirt and cap,

The lot is cast into the lap: 92 more words

Infected By the Fall

Have you ever smelled the sunset beneath the hickory trees?

Have you ever heard the sunrise in a frosty morning breeze?

When once you taste the mountain and feel the barn owl call, 149 more words


His fingers find the nock and tension presses against their tips.  He draws the string to the corner of his mouth as the little spot on the card is all he sees.  248 more words

Almost Gone, & Also Forgotten

A beard grown full of course by choice,

The report of a flintlock with sulfur for voice,

A number four plane sharpened to shave,

A mariners marker atop ancient grave. 481 more words