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Morning Meditaion. I.

I get nostalgic this time of year for my childhood comfort reads. I myself always read a wide variety and very advanced for my age, but then, just like macaroni & cheese for someone who eats healthy, there are the comfort books. 258 more words

All kinds of feels.

So today is my last day in China! I can’t believe it, I’m exhausted from excitement and I’m still trying to see people before I actually leave. 491 more words


Young, wild and free

We have done it we reached a quarter of a century, but we will always be the crazy kids that drives our mom and older sister crazy! 416 more words


When the Future Becomes The Present


We’re not sure about you, but one of our editors in particular wore her clothes inside out yesterday to commemorate the arrival of Marty McFly and Dr. 444 more words


19 Halloween Memories You Only Have If You Grew Up With Siblings

1. Hand-me-downs applied just as much to Halloween costumes as they did to everyday clothing.

2. So if your older sibling was a ghost or a pirate one Halloween, you knew that would be your fate in another year or two. 599 more words

If This Bed Could Talk

I just ordered a new bed at Sleepy’s since mine is 22 years old.  Gigi, the salesgirl, amazed, said it was older than she was half expecting her to ask for its autograph.  352 more words