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Valentine Resolutions

I contemplated how I wanted to share this tradition this year… I wasn’t sure I wanted to add it to this project, but then remembered I started this as a place to share ideas, thoughts, voices. 479 more words


A lifetime of lipstick

By Emily Smibert

Every Friday night as a child my brother and I would stay over at my grandparents’ house, and every Friday night, five minutes before my grandfather would come home after work and walk through the front door at 5:15 to take us out for dinner, I’d stand with my grandmother, my chin barely above the ledge of the long deep mahogany vanity, and watch her get ready. 571 more words

Personal Growth


You know the saying – new year, new me – yea, we’ve all heard it a thousand times. Actually, we’ve been some of the many who utter this cliché! 1,019 more words



“Here’s to” to child I once was, and the child I never got to be.

“Here’s to” the woman I should have been, and the woman that is me. 31 more words

Smile Good.

Leave your wrists open
While keeping blood inside your skin.
You poses the strength within to cleanse the stains of impressionable sins.
With a sacrament of gin, 178 more words


Some pictures have this melancholoi-effect, this is one of them, from last Friday, my last game of coaching my son. Looklng at it and I already have that nostalgia – that pang of sweet longing, with a little Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Riviera Paradise” and I’m at peace.  
33 more words


Make it Count

It’s that nostalgic time of year again. When I start feeling all the feels from years back.

Life in the Midwest liked to remind me, that even for a Cali girl, 316 more words