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A Rolled Over Spring Gathers No Moss

Almost a year ago to the day, I was comparing macro equipment configurations in the woods and settled on some surprisingly interesting moss as a test subject. 101 more words

Macro Photography

Fuzzy Buds (Star Magnolia)

Still posting old shots, but we’re getting closer to spring! (Color version after the break.) 14 more words

Macro Photography

Bundled Up (Plant bud)

It’s not supposed to go above freezing today, but the forecast like the bud pictured above says spring is in the offing. Tick, tock, don’t watch the clock…just trying to dig deep for a little extra patience. 52 more words

Macro Photography

Meike MK-300 Speedlight and New Flash Diffuser: Initial Test (Jumping spider, etc.)

A Bright New Day

Well, it didn’t feel like it this morning, but things are warming up which means it’s time for me to fumble my way back into photography. 1,520 more words

Macro Photography

Vacant Changes

This here is what they call a leaf mine. Essentially an insect gets inside of the leaf where it feeds; the excavation leaves a distinct mark or pattern as you see here. 189 more words

Macro Photography

Pink Mystery, Solved

Certain creatures make you wonder, how did you happen? Recently, I’ve read about katydids that show their warning colors after they attack; and flies that can’t fly… 281 more words

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Birthday Bug

Guess who turned one year old today? It’s the birthday bug, Izzy the chocolate lab! Time flies when you’re chewing marrow bones. I suspect that it’s time for a tall, bearded fellow to tell her, “You’re a hairy…Wizard.” And maybe that’s because she hears that everyday. 30 more words

Not A Bug