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You Are Enough For Me.

Sometimes, I wish I had more to offer this world than this sliver of online space I call my blog. Sometimes, I wish I could write an eloquent speech so moving it would bring healing to thousands of wounded hearts. 667 more words

Self Awareness

When Poetry Doesn't Save You, But Kills You

Once she wrote me a poem. It was the kind of sonnet you would
hear around a campfire in heaven. Juliet taught me how to… 77 more words

The Best Is Never Enough

A lot of people say that you’ll never get what you truly desire until you start praying to God. I used to disagree with that, saying God would hear the voice of every heart that is sincere; after all, he loves you 70 times more than your mother does. 300 more words



“Okay!, okay… it’s my turn now. Alright! Let’s say, you’ve got like, only one week left to live. What would you do with your last week on earth?” 203 more words