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I listened to the meeting leader read a page from one of our daily readers on perfection, and the ills that trying to be perfect can bring to your life. 1,120 more words


Feeling Less Than...

Many people will try and drag you down and make you feel less than. Mostly this is done so that they can feel better about themselves. 56 more words


How To Say Goodbye To The People You'll Never Be Good Enough For

When I was a little kid, I was bullied quite a bit. For being foreign, for being dark-skinned, for being too skinny, for being “ugly,” etc. 620 more words

Daddy God

Not being good enough.

I think many of us suffer from that plague from time to time.

We doubt ourselves- we doubt our abilities- it’s absolutely normal but… 657 more words

Challenge 3: Fat, Failure, and Nothing At All

Challenge # 3: Describe three legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

The word “legitimate” ┬ámakes this one tricky for me because I’m not sure whether I should be interpreting it to mean “real fears that make you jump and scream and run into another room” or to mean “agonizing anxieties about life, the universe, and everything.” I decided to go with the latter. 878 more words


The Ghost of You

Welcome to episode 3 (I think, even I’m getting bored of it…) of Issues With T2.

Found myself getting very upset in my session with T1 yesterday. 998 more words