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The Best Is Never Enough

A lot of people say that you’ll never get what you truly desire until you start praying to God. I used to disagree with that, saying God would hear the voice of every heart that is sincere; after all, he loves you 70 times more than your mother does. 300 more words



“Okay!, okay… it’s my turn now. Alright! Let’s say, you’ve got like, only one week left to live. What would you do with your last week on earth?” 203 more words


"Her": Words From My Journal

This is a really weird, personal, random post. Probably a stupid ass idea. Goddd…. I regret this already. Anyways, I decided to take some entries from my journal, and combine them here. 913 more words


Being Izzie

I will talk about Izzie today. Because I have always wanted to talk about Grey’s Anatomy with you. About how Denny dies on Izzie, about how Preston abandons Christina on the day of their wedding, about how Christina allows Preston’s love to modify her identity little by little, about how every character other than Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anantomy had more substance for me. 557 more words

My Attempts At The Daily Prompt Challenge

Writing prompt No. 1

All this time I thought it was my fault.

  • disapproving looks and marginal excuses for not being able to spend time together
  • not introducing me at social functions while, with your back to me, you greeted whomever with a kiss, a hug or a winning smile…
  • 162 more words
Maura O'Connell


I listened to the meeting leader read a page from one of our daily readers on perfection, and the ills that trying to be perfect can bring to your life. 1,120 more words


Feeling Less Than...

Many people will try and drag you down and make you feel less than. Mostly this is done so that they can feel better about themselves. 56 more words